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How Do We Create Perpetual Cashflow from Real World Assets?

We have had quite a journey with PLCU as a Project... quite understandably as it attempts to be one the first
fully independant Blockhchain technology platforms to empower real people with Assets that reliably CASHFLOW.

Over Supply has been a big issue as the minting technology is developed and mass market adoption created.

The ONLY solutions to over supply are the regulation of Asset leaving the market AND, most importantly, the
creation of real, mass market DEMAND in ways that ordinary people can understand and apply into their lives.

The new PLCU model provides this... so now it is time to be ready with YOUR legacy Assets, move to SMART
coin and, if you choose, utilise equity into real world Utility.

A closed loop eco system of Assets creating perpetual cashflow via real life Vouchers.... all explained below.

For those more sophisticated, we also have the opportunity to become the Producers of the ULTIMA Token and 
hence redeploy the Assets into an even more powerful cycle as the ULTIMA token appreciates over time.

Lets take a deep dive into WHY this type of technology is powerful and HOW it works for us...

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