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Our flagship course (Blockchain Assets Course) has evolved to the DBM Academy Blockchain Assets Program, to ensure you have the latest information in this fast moving space.

Covering the full range of Blockchain education, we begin by understanding where you are in your journey. We then take a deeper look at the current economic system, before providing you practical steps to empower yourself using Blockchain technology, digital assets and their associated benefits.

Four hours of powerful, real life education, skills and masterminding that help propel your understanding in WHY Blockchain Assets are disrupting how the World operates and your opportunities in that change.


DBM Academy Blockchain Assets Program (BAP) you will have access to 4 consecutive sessions during four weeks, to give you a solid fondation to be operating in the blockchain space. 

** Note ! - DBM Academy INCOME & WEALTH Subscribers have access to the program on a continuous basis for the duration of their subscription ($97.00/mth) HERE **


BAP - Blockchain Assets Program


What will be covered...

 Digital Asset Essentials

  • Income Sectors and Comparisons, Planning your Income Strategies
  • Creating consistent Income and growth with digital assets
  • Consolidating your digital assets
  • ....and more.

 USD 197.00 (+ 20% VAT)

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Your Options

Stand alone 4 week program

Blockchain Assets Program

US$ 197

4 week Program

Do the program during 4 consecutive weeks.

Access to Subscriber's Only events during the 4 weeks.

Most popular

Income subscription

US$ 97

Continuous access to the BAP during the duration of the Income Subscription

Get continuous access to the BAP during the duration of the Income Subscription and keep up to date as the fast moving blockchain space evolves.

At the same time get all the other benefits from the INCOME subscription:

  • Workspaces
  • Subscriber's only events
  • Access to Forums
  • Access to Tools 
  • ...

Current SKILLS subscribers will receive 10% discount on the first month - please make sure to select the
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