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Blockchain Assets Courses 

Our flagship course covering the full range of Blockchain Education. We begin by understanding where you are in your journey and tailor the course to you. We then take a deep look at the current economic system, before providing you practical steps to empower yourself using Blockchain technology, digital assets and their associated benefits.

Over 5 hours of education and skills that help propel your understanding of WHY the Blockchain is disrupting how the World operates and your opportunities in that change.

If you want to fast track yourself and your position in the crypto, blockchain and DeFi space,  do the following:

  1. Blockchain Assets Course (BAC): YOUR Foundation to understanding WHY the blockchain is disrupting the world and YOUR opportunities in it -  fast track yourself and your position in this incredible space.
  2. Already done the Blockchain Assets Course? Your next step is to join 3 Months to Cashflow - personal mentorship through a PROVEN process of Cashflow month over month. Build YOUR Road Map to Cashflow.
  3. Already completed both the Blockchain Assets Course and 3 Months to Cashflow? Be a part of our inner circle - join us in our Skills, Systems, Income and Wealth monthly memberships to gain access to our incredible weekday workspaces, access our forums and enjoy discounts on our courses and programmes.
  • Learn why Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting stronger
  • What is the Blockchain and why is it relevant in 2023?
  • What are Utility and Stable coins?
  • How do we build decentralised leverage in Blockchain?
  • What is Tokenomics and why is it relevant to you?

What previous participants say ...

  • "This course in my view is fundamental to beginners in this space. You need to get a grip on the basics and understand how the blockchain system works and what it is trying to accomplish before going further. I had already invested in a couple of platforms of which I have to admit, I didn’t understand. Now I do understand. In doing this course, alongside the free workshops in the DBM Academy, I have developed a new mindset which I am super excited about and grateful for. Before, I was 50/50 committed, with a bit of dabbling and very sceptical. Now I am 100% committed, taking this journey very seriously, have set my goals to be financially free in 3 years and am so excited to learn and earn."

    Nicole Miller

    United Kingdom

  • "Mella is such a great presenter. She delivers everything clearly and at a pace that works. I loved hearing from the participants their feedback from last week, questions & general sharing on learning. This is wonderful training! I have a long way to go in the blockchain & crypto arena however, have learned so much in the past 4 weeks. Thank you Sarah, Mella & Sean."

    Debbie Roach


  • "My educational journey between school, university and postgraduate study lasted almost 18 years and I can honestly say that the 5 weeks on the Blockchain Assets Course was by far the most useful and actionable education I have ever received. Here you will learn all the things they don’t want you to learn in school and complete the course feeling empowered with knowledge and a reason why to take responsibility for your financial independence."

    Cliodhna Colgan


  • "The Blockchain Assets Course gave me a great insight into how blockchain and crypto works. It was this course the propelled me onto becoming a DBM Coach. Learning the fundamentals about blockchain and cryptocurrency is hugely beneficial in taking a step towards becoming financially empowered."

    Richard Hart

    United Kingdom

  • "Even with over 6 years of experience in this space, the Blockchain Assets was a great refresher for me. I learned some new things and it broadened my perspective even more."

    Willemjin Mella Wolters


  • "I started the blockchain assets course when I recognised that I needed to get serious about this journey. It was clear that those who succeed in the blockchain space have focused on education primarily. I found the course highly engaging, and completely changed the way I thought about our financial system, and blockchain solution. After completing the course I went full steam ahead, soaking up as much information as possible, and putting it into action."

    Lee Markham

    United Kingdom

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