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We provide education, training and support to individuals and businesses in Blockchain Technology,

Our range of products and services, including access to the DBM Academy workshops are designed to ensure you start your journey safely.  

Our expert Coaches and Support staff are focused on ensuring your personal and business success.

Blockchain Academy

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Blockchain Basics
Learn the fundamantals of Blockchain and Digital Technology.
Blockchain Trading
Best practice in how to read the charts and realise profits.
Decentralised Finance
Learn how to position and prosper in the world of DeFi.
Digital Assets
Learn about the systems to put your Assets to work.

What our members say

  • “After attempting a new strategy I had a few things that needed adjusting. Page was absolutely amazing. He literally held my hand and walked me through the amendments. Sorted my account out in a flash. Thanks again”

    Sasie Thompson

    United Kingdom

  • "I was so excited having signed up to 3 Months to Cash Flow to finally pull the trigger and get the knowledge and education I desperately needed in this evolving Crypto and Blockchain space. I was blown away by the positive energy of my coaches which in turn increased my confidence. The course was a great experience and I learned so much from diversifying into different projects and platforms, DeFI, staking, Tokens and coins, wallets and exchanges and most importantly how to keep your assets secure. This is the greatest time to be alive as Robert Kiyosaki says and to learn how to profit from what is the greatest dislocation in wealth in human history. And DeFi is already revolutionising the world of finance. We just don’t know it yet. But thanks to DBM Academy we do. I’m so grateful to have found DBM and their growing team of fantastic coaches teaching how to give financial freedom back to the people by investing in DeFi."

    Elena Mackey

    United Kingdom

  • "Being part of the DBM Academy and being coached by Diana has given me more control over my finances. Knowing my numbers has been an essential part of this process. I feel more empowered to make decisions with Diana's guidance and coaching. Being a standard member means we get access to workspaces within the academy at all times of the week. We are becoming like a family growing and learning together."

    Leanne Freeman


  • "I completed 3 Months to Cashflow but had really struggled to move forward on my crypto journey without the support. Diana Rodriguez spent time talking with me about the benefits of continuing to be educated and supported by becoming a DBM Academy member.

    I've been a DBM Academy member for a month and regularly attend the workspace sessions. The help, support and knowledge I have received has been outstanding and my stress has been relieved.

    I've had a Wirex card for a couple of months, but I've been nervous about using it, just in case it was rejected.

    Thanks Diana for giving me the confidence during a workspace session to use it. What a buzz paying for lunch with BTC on my Wirex card."

    Jennifer Penwell

    New Zealand

  • I wanted to learn how to put myself in THE BEST financial position, fill the gaps in my knowledge, discuss strategies and really understand new and better ways to put my hard earned capital to use in blockchain.

    AND I wanted to help my own Money Club™ community learn new ways to make their capital work better for them in this space too, so I took part in the 3 "Months to Cashflow programme, which was an incredible and invaluable education for me. I had many lightbulb moments and have seen my passive income grow as a result of implementing what I have learned.

    My recommendation is that everyone does this programme for themselves. It really is a wise decision. Take full advantage. You will learn an incredible amount and will be able take action to create or grow your monthly cashflow and develop your plan to reach your own personal and financial goals."

    Sarah McCalden

    United Kingdom

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Courses & Programs

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  • 3 Months to Cashflow | Online

    3 Months to Cashflow | Online

    From Zero to Income in 3 months.

    The 3 Months to Cashflow Online version.

    Work online with feedback from the 3 Months to Cashflow coaches & build a Road Map to Cashflow.

    Learn More

    DBM Academy 3 Month to Cashflow Team

    A three month online program.

  • 3 Months to Cashflow

    3 Months to Cashflow
    From Zero to Income in 3 months.

    Designed for those individuals who prefer personal mentorship for their blockchain business growth. 

    Work with up to four experienced DBM Coaches to build a Road Map for your business success in the longer term.

    Learn more

    DBM Academy 3 Month to Cashflow Team

    A three month personal program.

  • 3 Months to Cashflow | Premium

    3 Months to Cashflow | Premium

    From Zero to Income in 3 months.

    Designed exclusively for those individuals who demand a higher level of personal mentorship for their blockchain business growth. Work with up to four experienced DBM Coaches to build a Road Map for your business success in the longer term.

    Included: The DBM Academy five week Blockchain Assets Course.

    Learn More

    DBM Academy 3 Month to Cashflow Team

    A three month personal program.

  • Set of Accounts Package


    This Set of Accounts package will save you accountancy and bookkeeping fees as it will allow you to produce a basic set of accounts to hand to a bookkeeper/accountant.

    Plus you'll have a better picture of your business month-to-month and so be able to pivot or alter your strategy to build greater profits and cut out unprofitable areas more quickly.

    Learn more

    Robin Morton

    Prepare your accounts & bookkeeping

  • Cryptotrading with Nanicrypto


    Learn how to crypto trade to earn FREE bitcoin using this simple to use strategy. We will use the free tool Trading View. Using this tool, our strategy and other indicators that support our approach, you will be charting like a PRO in no time allowing you to make profits during a BEAR or BULL run.

    Whether you are new to crypto trading or looking for a reliable method, this session is for you.

    Learn more

    Nanicrypto | Diana Rodriguez

    Learn how to crypto trade

  • Mindset to Cashflow


    Do you ever find yourself thinking participating in blockchain technology takes your constant attention or you risk losing it all, or the digital asset market is too new or too volatile, or digital assets might be the biggest scam in history, and you don't want your family to think you're stupid?

    Fear - Skepticism - Wallet hijacked - Don't know how to read the information - Minimal time and effort - Don't have a lot of money...

    Learn more

    Shanea Matthews

    Overcome your challenges

  • Blockchain Books Club


    Welcome to our Blockchain Books Club course, recorded over several months last year. Learn more about many of the blockchain, personal development, and financial education books that have helped shape our entrepreneurial world.

    Find out why Leaders are Readers. Get the understanding you've been looking for, that slight edge...

    Learn more

    Robin Morton

    Find out why Leaders are Readers

  • Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


    The 10 parts in this course which has approximately an hour of videos for you to go through.  I have also prepared a worksheet for you and some points to consider and research to do. 

    One thing in this space (and in all learning) I have found is that exploring answers for yourself can be much more beneficial as a learner than being given all the data. This space and new way of doing things is incredibly rewarding but understandably daunting in the beginning! 

    Learn more

    Moira Gray

    Introduction to Blockchain