What are your success habits?


What are your success habits?

What are you currently doing every day, that pushes you towards your goals? Your financial goals, to be specific?  Are you clear about your goals, or do you feel like you would benefit from more clarity? What’s the vision you hold for your future? Do you notice that you KNOW what you need to do, but don’t do it – what I call the knowing-doing gap?!  Are you taking enough responsibility for your life and the things you want to accomplish in it? Do you know where you are, financially speaking? And do you know where you want to get to by the end of the year? By the end of 2024? By the end of 2025?

When I was being mentored by Bob Proctor, several years ago in 2018, he said, “You can never outperform your self-image.” I said it back to myself, “You can never outperform your self-image.” I wrote it down on a post-it note and stuck it on the bathroom mirror. I got into a habit of repeating it and thinking about how I could improve my self-image so that I could measurably improve my life. I had to consider what I actually thought about myself, and it hadn’t been pretty, up to that point in many respects, although I had already achieved some pretty amazing things in my life. (I had been unconscious, in some ways, about how I achieved them).  As I was studying about the self-image and as I began to really work on my own, I began to change on the inside, and my outside world changed in leaps and bounds. I became conscious of how to affect my life. I had a moment where the penny dropped, and I realised that I was AT cause, and I was 100% responsible for my life. I couldn’t blame anything outside of me, for where I was, or how I’d gotten there. It was probably the best realisation, I could ever have. And now, whenever I go down the road of blaming or complaining, I know and remember, that I am responsible for my life. It’s a kick in the butt, EVERY time.

When we think of self-image, we are thinking of our identity. Who do we identify as? Who do you identify as? Let’s just take a smoker for example. If I offered a cigarette (And btw I wouldn’t!) to someone who is trying to quit smoking and their response to me was, “No thanks, I’m trying to quit.” I can tell, straight away, that that person identifies as a smoker. If I offered it another person who was trying to quit, and they said, “No thanks, I’m a non smoker.” That clearly shows me, that they do not identify as a smoker anymore. They have changed their self-image. Most of us don’t think about changing our identities, when we have a goal to achieve – but we really must – we must consider the be, do have.

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My own example, as someone who ran marathons and ultramarathons until an injury got in the way (and as someone who plans to run them again), was changing my identity to that of a marathoner. How did I do it? I didn’t just decide one day that I would run a marathon the next. I made a decision to do what the marathoner does. I let go of the identity I had previously – that of someone who didn’t run long distances - I ran 5 days a week for months and I trained at the gym. I did a long run every Sunday, whatever the temperature, whatever the weather. I built up my mileage and I competed against myself, day after day, week and week. Running became part of my identity. I identified as a runner and a long-distance runner. I identified as the person who IS a marathon runner. I BECAME the marathoner by DOING what the marathoner must do, and then I achieved – I HAD marathoner status – and I will have that forever.

Up until 2017, I had always considered myself very smart, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, very different and always as someone who had not and could not earn a lot of money. In some ways, I felt wasted – but what I could not and did not see, was that I was limiting myself and it was only me, who was limiting myself. I wished I could, but I believed I was too old (I was 38 and 39 that year), that I would have to study something different at university. I believed that part-time work was always low paid. I was in the middle of my post-graduate studies, and I realised that even with a Master’s degree under my belt, I would not be able to earn sufficiently for the lifestyle I really wanted. I felt trapped – unable to see a way out. I believed that earning lots of money was for other people. Do you relate to any of this?! And as my beliefs controlled my actions, I did not set myself goals to earn more, even though more income would have helped me change my life. It never crossed my mind to do that. Never. I hadn’t changed the way I looked at myself and I hadn’t considered that it was my belief about myself that was holding me back, and that with new beliefs, I would choose new actions, that would lead to new results.

Over the next 18 months, everything about my previous beliefs changed. I started to see myself as someone who was powerful, as someone who could earn a lot of money, as someone who did earn a lot of money, as someone who could create the life she really dreamed about and I smashed through the 6 figure barrier in 2019. I never would have believed I could be someone who earned 6 figures a year. But I did it, and I had to believe it, to achieve it. Would I have believed it keeping myself surrounded with people content with mediocrity and being average? No! I never want to be average! I had to become uncomfortable and let those people go. I want to be my best me – always. Would I have achieved this if I’d kept doing the things I had been doing previously? No! Would I have achieved this success by “winging it”? No I would not have. I had to become uncomfortable, become super-focused, channel my energy and change many things that I had been doing, and one of the first things I changed were my beliefs.

I learned and continue to learn about personal development and MY personal development every day. It truly is my passion. By following the Success Principles, I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and I love and want to share my knowledge with people who also want to improve their lives – their income, their joy factor, their relationships, and their sense of purpose through eye-opening, thought-provoking, experiential and immersive online and in-person workshops that require you to pay attention and fully participate. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” You will be involved!

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