The Path to Freedom

4 February, 4 - 8 PM UTC

Define and Achieve Your Vision and

Unleash the Power of Goal Setting for 2023

with Sarah McCalden & Hal Taylor

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"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

- Andrew Carnegie


We'll be teaching you a "system of success" that always works when you work the system.

It is like knowing the combination to a lock. It doesn't matter your circumstance, if you know the combination, the lock has to open.


One reason many people don’t achieve their vision is that they don’t turn their vision into a set of specific goals. Vague goals produce vague results every single time. This workshop is not about wishful thinking. It’s about applying proven principles of success to get the results you want in 2023.

Without clearly defined goals, you simply can’t achieve the success you want. Your goals are the steps necessary to move you to your vision. In this workshop you will dig deep to clarify the vision you have for your life, and learn how to recognise and set your goals, using your blockchain business as a tool for achievement. You’ll learn techniques for finding extra time you didn’t think you had and for cutting down big goals to easy-to-handle size, clarity on what the purpose of money in your life is and positive habits that will help you to increase your monthly cashflow and your net worth over the course of the year.

This is your invitation to join Hal and Sarah as they move you through a proven process to take you from where you are to where you want to be, with a focus on your crypto and blockchain investment journey.


Get from where you are to where you want to be

The promise that is made with this work is that if you make a 100% commitment to these principles, you can

1. Double your income, 2. Double your amount of free time, 3. Create more balance and more joy in your life, in two years or less.

We have seen this over and over with people in such diverse careers as real estate sales, entrepreneurs, network marketers, health and fitness instructors, professional speakers, coaches, authors, actors, television personalities and franchise operators, not to mention investors.

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Activate the Power of Goal Setting and design a step-by-step plan to make your vision a reality.


Reprogramme your subconscious mind to seek out the opportunities and resources that will help you achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.

Eliminate the mental and emotional roadblocks that have been holding you back from experiencing greater success in your life. 


Tap into your deepest essence and learn how to take powerful action, letting nothing stop you from creating the life you want. 

Connect with your higher self, boost your confidence, self-respect and integrity and activate the infinite potential within you. 

Remove energy blocks, boost your productivity, and keep your motivation high as you work towards your goals.


Learn how to create strong relationships with people who will give you the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

ALL with a focus on your crypto and blockchain journey, increasing your monthly cash flow and net worth throughout the year.

Join Hal and Sarah on Saturday 4th February from 4pm to 8pm UTC for this powerful session that will propel you right into the rest of 2023. This Dynamic Duo will help you to set the rest of your year on FIRE! 🔥


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Sarah McCalden is a DBM Academy Coach, Jack Canfield Certified Speaker and Trainer, Money and Business Coach and International Best-Selling Author. She is a compelling force to reckon with - wise, innovative and authentic. She can be your best friend or that kick in the butt you need to get going again when it feels impossible.

She's been there and done that - She spent her twenties in active addiction and recovery, her thirties raising her sons and running marathons and ultras, and her early forties earning well into the six figures, founding Money School and the Money Club and most recently, becoming a DBM Academy Coach. She's brought some pretty special people along for the ride, as they navigate their way to wealth and wellbeing through success education and investing. She has created an inspiring life for herself (and others!) around the world. She also knows, it's in our adversity, that we have the opportunity for growth, and that means the opportunity for exponential growth - if we REALLY want it!

Now, combining her passion for personal development and wealth creation and her desire to help people live life on their own terms, her latest mission is to help those with the deep desire, create the lives they’ve always dreamed of through teaching online workshops and programmes, providing coaching, training and mentoring, and being able to run amazing in-person and online events and retreats.

Hal Taylor is a Founder and Coach in the DBM Academy. Hal is a safety engineer by education, and has trained as an NLP Master Practitioner.

Hal worked with Tony Robbins for 20 years. He was a bodyguard for Tony as a member of Tony’s Executive Security Team. Hal also was Tony’s Fire Captain for several years, and ran the FireWalks where people walk on hot coals barefoot to overcome fears.

Hal has helped people all over the world overcome fears and limiting beliefs to live their best life. Hal combines logic with spiritual and universal principles, and is ready to help you create and achieve your goals.

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