Strike as a Worker or Collaborate as an Owner

Strike or Collaborate 🤔

Everyone 100% reliant on bosses, banks or governments is vulnerable to inflation and unfair wealth distrubution.
Hidden inflation has been a real issue for decades... only when apparent inflation is front and centre do people "feel"
the consequences in their lives. Their only recourse.... to remove their labour in the here and now, hoping for a
government to either borrow more or take funds from other areas of society to provide more currency (wages) to them.

Fundamentally the issue is the inability of CURRENCY to retain purchasing power. Those who earn MONEY know this.
Those who dont, usually because they are being used in the job market by bosses, banks and government - and yes,
Union bosses - have no option but to remove their labour every few years until someone else provides them just enough
to "survive" for a few more years.

This is before we get into affording older age and a life of missed opportunity.

On the otherside of the fence are the COLLABORATORS....
This group of people understand what it is to NOT be 100% reliant on bosses, banks and governemnt in the 21st Century.
They decided to be responsible for their OWN future, they decided to get educated and invest in themselves.
This group dont fight the system, they dont blame others or wait for Governments or Unions to kick the can without ever
facing the real reasons people need "just enough" pay rises until the next inflationary episode. This group choose to be
productive, creative innovative and resourceful... often while still contributing to society as nurses, postal workers, teachers,
accountants , factory workers and admin staff.

They take responsbility for what they CAN affect, they determine to get financially fit.
Collabortators work together to take ownership of companies, value, supply chains, technology and resources - in blockchain
its called Tokenomics. The effort and contrubution of each person, globally, creates the re-distribution of wealth on THEIR terms.

Slowly people are realising you can be a contributor to healthy society... but also an OWNER of societies structure.
It is the technology of Blockchain that is the rail on which this is possible.
Striking and Removal of Labour is unproductive and futile under Governments that will never change the hegemony of
the rich, despite the incessant platitudes and sound bites.... are governments of either colour ignorant or complicit?
Collaboration is an opportunity for ordinary people to galvanise into a united resource of ownership and wealth redistribution.
We take matters into our own hands. We are the owners, not the workers.

Where are you focusing your energy?

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