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Welcome to Vyvo Inpersona (Helo)

Monetising our Health Data with HealthFi

What is Vyvo Inpersona (Helo)?



Big data, Web3.0, the Blockchain, DApp... and Getting PAID to provide information you are likely sharing anyway! 

Welcome to Vyvo Inpersona with SocialFi and HealthFi.... and Helo

Learn more about Helo Wearable Technology... the optional device that helps you track your health DAILY, while also creating an INCOME you control.

Welcome to Healthfi and the ability to get paid to stay healthy! 


 Some Key Features of the Healthfi Revolution with Vyvo...

- Get paid for being alive and monitoring your health - Daily Passive Income.

- Watches/bands cost from just $150. Express global delivery.

- Available in 200+ countries. An established business, that has adopted blockchain technology to redistribute revenues.

- Not just excellent health data also AI feedback on your daily/weekly body function.

- All Data is completely anonymous.

- Paid daily over the blockchain via the VSC Token, then directly onto a company-supplied debit card.

- Current liquidity with a sub $0.05 token moving into demand as people realise how to get paid for being active (not just "steps")

- Apple Watch users don't need to buy a device, simply download the Vyvo Inpersona app below and input the share code provided by whomever sent you to this webpage!

- What is the Vyvo Smartchain... Learn more HERE

- Research is Key... Checkout the Vyvo Whitepaper HERE

Sharing is Caring... Recommend the ability to Earn from your Health to others and receive residual incomes (on top of your own passive income):

- 10% direct commissions

- Recieve 25% of the daily VSC token rewards generated by your referrals. Map YOUR numbers HERE

- Percentage of total turnover weekly.

- Cashback when users spend using their Odee on/off ramp debit card.

- A true long-term passive income. Blockchain in place, education & marketing support provided by DBM Academy.

Be on the cutting edge of Healthfi: 

- Huge opportunity for early users

- Global business, established over 8 years. DBM started working with Helo health technology in 2017!

- Everything is ready. An established, proven businesss, that has wrapped blockchain technology around an established, in demand utility.

⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎  Get started in 3 Steps  ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎

  1.  Download the free Inpersona app using the buttons below.
  2.  Important - Get back to the person who told you about this website and ask them for an invitation code to enter once you have the App.
  3.  Read the Setup Guide PDf below to acquire your device, set up your VSC wallet & NFT and begin accumulating VSC in daily life to load into your Wallet.


DBM Tip... remember the 80/20 rule as you pay yourself for staying healthy! Enjoy getting paid for being active! 


More Information? Attend the DBM workshops to understand the product & associated Assets before proceeding.

As a DBM Income or Wealth  Subscriber you also have access to the coaches via the DBM Workspaces for one to one assistance with your numbers, strategy and set up before participating in Vyvo.

Apple Store Play Store Vyvo Helo Setup Guide


VSC (Vyvo Smart Chain / VSC Network) is a blockchain infrastructure linking IoT (Internet of Things) device users and institutions, enabling users to own their data.

VSC Network addresses data ownership, privacy, and monetization issues. Data NFTs, tied to IoT devices, ensure health data ownership and privacy, encrypting and rewarding owners. Unlike traditional platforms lacking transparency and user control over personal data, VSC empowers individuals with data control via NFTs.

Data owners use Vyvo Smart Chain-compatible wearables to measure health data and link it to their Data-NFT using a VSC-compatible application (dApp). This association is anonymous.

The blockchain rewards users in VSC (Vyvo Coin) once their device, connected to the Data-NFT through the dApp, starts collecting health data.