SEVEN main reasons why the middle class is shrinking & will continue to do so (unless individuals take control)...

SEVEN main reasons why the middle class is shrinking & will continue to do so (unless individuals take control):

1) Household incomes of middle-class can’t keep up with those in the upper-income.
2) Interest rates paid on bank savings accounts are at permanent low levels decade after decade, with today’s average still at 0.1% APY.
3) Middle Class has majority of their net worth tied up in the equity of their home. This ‘apparent’ net worth not realised for decades, is not accessible and does NOT provide any cash flow or provide real tax benefits for years!
4) Stated Inflation - Cost of living... goods & services exceed the incomes & investments of the middle class. Real Inflation makes this even more pronounced.
5) Taxes - The middle class are burdened with majority of taxes as they save cash and don’t properly utilise long standing debt strategies of the wealthy.
6) Devaluation of Currency ($/£ etc). While $100 printed in 1971 still says $100, it only buys $12 worth of stuff today. The wealthy use fiat dollars to invest in real assets, while middle class "save" in devaluing fiat currency (£/$) for a lifetime.
7) Diversification - The middle class prematurely diversified into index funds, mutual funds & etf’s (per instruction by Wall Street & financial "advisors") via pensions over 50+yrs.... While the wealthy made big bets on a few well though out Assets to build wealth THEY own.

Clearly, there are two sets of rules in play here:
1) Used by the middle-class and
2) How the wealthy do it (and always have).

Since 1971 the West's middle class have been indoctrinated to play by a set of rules that made others rich.... work hard, save money (read currency), borrow for higher education & liabilities, get a "good" j.o.b, buy a home, diversify into financial schemes, plan for retirement, consume & pay taxes...

• Saving money benefited Lenders.
• Retirements plans built Wall Street.
• Buying homes made mega Banks richer (and richer)
• Diversification created uncertainty build on a lack of education and personal responsibility.

Meanwhile the wealthy and informed learned how to:
Leverage workers/other people, invest sound money, use education & value for networking & team building, own real estate to create true passive income, build & own businesses & legally worked the tax system.

The defintion of insanity is....

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