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Word of the Day | VSC

VSC (Vyvo Smart Chain / VSC Network) is a blockchain infrastructure linking IoT (Internet of Things) device users and institutions, enabling users to own their data.

VSC Network addresses data ownership, privacy, and monetization issues.

Data NFTs, tied to IoT devices, ensure health data ownership and privacy, encrypting and rewarding owners.

Unlike traditional platforms lacking transparency and user control over personal data, VSC empowers individuals with data control via NFTs.

Data owners use Vyvo Smart Chain-compatible wearables to measure health data and link it to their Data-NFT using a VSC-compatible application (dApp). This association is anonymous.

The blockchain rewards users in VSC (Vyvo Coin) once their device, connected to the Data-NFT through the dApp, starts collecting health data.

https://www.dbm.academy/faq for more blockchain vocabulary.