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Word of the day -  CSR

Word of the Day | CSR

What is CSR?

CSR Token - ERC20 / Ethereum mainNet

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was created by Corsair Group International for a more sustainable future.

CSR is not your typical cryptocurrency. It is a digital representation, operating on the ERC-20 framework, that certifies the responsible removal of plastic waste from our environment. This transformative token enables both companies and individuals to make a positive impact by offsetting their monthly plastic waste generation through the acquisition and retirement of CSR Plastic Credits.

The adopters of CSR foresee a framework of development across projects bridging boundaries between disciplines to bring about real change for a sustainable planet.

CSR is a digital, ERC-20 receipt that proves that plastic waste has been removed from the environment, allowing both companies and private individuals to offset any amount of plastic waste they generate monthly, simply by acquiring and retiring the equivalent amount of CSR Plastic Credits.

https://www.dbm.academy/faq for more blockchain vocabulary.