Welcome NEW DBM Coach Zech David


DBM Academy re delighted to welcome associate Coach Zech David

Zech enables us to cover the South East Asia market, via Singapore, as DBM continues to strengthen its ability assist people all over the World in their blockchain assets and digital business system journeys.

Zech David is the Founder & Managing Director for Blockz Lab Pte Ltd, an AI & Blockchain & Digital Assets Academy & Consultancy, focusing on educating and empowering changemakers to leverage the best of AI, Blockchain & Finance. He believes that the convergence of these disruptive technologies will usher in the next revolution of structural change in the world. And that is paramount for people to have the right skills, fundamentals, and mindset to adapt and thrive in this new digital era.

As an avid Tech Advocate & Speaker, Zech has spoken about topics relating to AI, Blockchain, and Digital Assets at various physical and virtual large-scale events. He was also featured on various technology news agencies (Digital News Asia) over broadcast and radio (Money Mind, CNA938). As a Master Trainer, he has conducted several corporate workshops and training for MNCs, leaders and executives.

Zech is the Ex-CTO & Co-founder of MetaVI World, a subsidiary of a listed FinEduTech company 8VI Holdings Limited. Then, he led a 13-strong global team across Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. As a Web3.0 & Fintech Investor, he has invested in disruptive innovative projects & co-founded three tech-related start-ups.
As an Ex-Intelligence Officer & System Architect in the MINDEF/SAF for 17 years, Zech has spearheaded new digital transformation initiatives focusing on cloud, data analytics, and AI. Under his leadership, he has made significant organizational-level contributions in both command and staff assignments. He has raised leaders, built teams, and led time-critical operations to achieve mission success.

Zech graduated from Cranfield University (UK) with a Masters in System Engineering, and National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Masters in Technology and Systems. He also holds a Bachelor in Information Systems Management (2nd Major in Business Intelligence Analytics) at Singapore Management University (SMU), and a Diploma in IT at Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

Zech brings tremendous experience, value and strategy expertise to the DBM Community, head to www.dbm.academy to learn more.


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