What else have they got wrong?

btc at 170 percent gain
Bitcoin has gained almost 170% since the European Central Bank (ECB) warned of its impending “irrelevance.”

Bitcoin traded at just $16,400 when, on Nov. 30, 2022, the ECB published a blog post dedicated to its death.

Coming just after the implosion of the FTX exchange and subsequent market flight, the ECB post argued that even those levels were a stopping point on the way to new lows.

The value of bitcoin peaked at USD 69,000 in November 2021 before falling to USD 17,000 by mid-June 2022. Since then, the value has fluctuated around USD 20,000,” it stated.

For bitcoin proponents, the seeming stabilization signals a breather on the way to new heights. More likely, however, it is an artificially induced last gasp before the road to irrelevance – and this was already foreseeable before FTX went bust and sent the bitcoin price to well below USD16,000.”

Ha! So Bitcoin has actually done the OPPOSITE of what the European Central Bank predicted.🤣
What ELSE are they wrong about...? 👀

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Robin Morton
On behalf of your DBM Coaching Team