Crypto & Love


Trigger warning: If you find yourself on the brink of tears, experiencing your period, or feeling in anyway emotionally vulnerable, I suggest revisiting this article at a later time when you're feeling more emotionally stable.


Crypto and Love

Yes I am passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, today I'm shifting the focus to preparing you for success. 

What’s LOVE got to do with it?

You might recognise the phrase "What's love got to do with it?" from Tina Turner's amazing hit song, but the love I want to explore isn't the second-hand emotion she sings about.

I am referring to "tough love" and its importance in shaping success. 

Tough love describes a parenting or caregiving approach involving setting firm boundaries and providing discipline, even if it seems strict, to promote an individual's long-term well-being, growth, or rehabilitation. It's a delicate balance between compassion and enforcing consequences for negative behaviour or poor choices.

This concept extends beyond parenting, applicable in various relationships, friendships, romantic partnerships, and professional settings. It involves making challenging decisions or taking actions that may cause initial discomfort but aim to help the individual develop resilience, responsibility, and independence.

Applying this principle to the blockchain industry, where innovation is key, tough love teaching becomes pivotal. It challenges you to push boundaries, foster resilience, and pursue excellence.

The blockchain industry's rapid evolution demands adaptability, drive, and the ability to handle complex challenges. If one isn’t prepared to match this pace, it's crucial to question your presence in this field. It might seem harsh, but it's essential for personal success. It is time wasted without a genuine commitment to the work.

Tough love instills high expectations, pushing individuals beyond limitations and fostering a culture of ambition, continuous learning, and growth.

The blockchain space involves hurdles such as complex algorithms and security concerns. Tough love coaching aids in developing resilience—a critical trait for navigating this field.

Accountability is paramount in the blockchain space, emphasising trust and transparency. Tough love teaching ensures responsibility and integrity in one’s work, fostering a culture of reliability within the industry.

Success in blockchain development often follows countless hours of problem-solving and persistence. Tough love coaching instills perseverance, guiding individuals through challenges and enabling them to find innovative solutions.

While tough love is vital, it should be balanced with empathy and support. Understanding individual needs and learning styles is crucial. Educators need to provide guidance and assistance alongside challenges, creating an environment where students feel motivated and supported.


In the ever-evolving world of blockchain, tough love teaching is indispensable. It equips individuals with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in this innovative field. Striking the right balance between tough love and support ensures technical proficiency along with adaptability, drive, and commitment to make a positive impact.

Let’s embrace tough love. If something a coach says offends you, consider it tough love or, like the stoics do, observe your feelings and learn from them.

So, are you ready to step up?


Wishing a lovely day!