Bridging Business and Generations Through Wisdom.


The world is saturated in information – we’re bomdarded with it 24/7 through our devices. This has a huge impact on our nervous system leading to chronic stress and other neurological conditions. Of course we need information to increase our knowledge and learn new skills although we need to have a balance. We need to look beyond just information towards wisdom. 
 Wisdom means having the power of discernment, judging what is deemed to be right or wrong. Character strengths of wisdom include fairness, curiosity, love, presence, awareness and kindness. The more we cultivate these qualities, the more we can discover and create. 

We’ve got to guide each other to embrace the cultural power of listening and learning together.

When older individuals disregard the perspectives of the younger generation, they can become slower within their own older age group. Similarly, when younger individuals dismiss the wisdom of their elders, they risk lagging behind their younger peers. However, when younger individuals heed the advice of their older generation, they gain a competitive edge within their own generation due to the acquisition of advanced knowledge. Conversely, when older individuals open themselves to the insights of the younger generation, progress accelerates in their sphere by incorporating new knowledge. This mutual exchange of listening and learning fuels collective growth, constituting the essence of culture.

We can use this awareness and culture to look towards new ways to co-create more inclusive and equitable business models.

In the world where two corporations hold sway (though many remain unaware of their influence) our minds tend to gravitate towards industry giants like Apple, Google, or Amazon when we consider powerful companies. Yet, these corporations pale in comparison to the colossal impact wielded by Blackrock and Vanguard. These two financial powerhouses, dominate the investment landscape with an astonishing 15 Trillion dollars in assets under management - roughly five times the GDP of France.

So, how exactly do these two entities exert control over the global landscape? The answer is straightforward: Vanguard and Blackrock possess substantial ownership stakes in the world's most influential corporations. They hold the largest shares in tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. These financial giants are true juggernauts, their holdings encompassing a wide spectrum from pharmaceuticals and transportation to banking and media.

The mechanism is simple: Each action we undertake contributes to the enrichment of Blackrock and Vanguard. A contribution to the T fund for instance (investment and retirement fund of USA government employees and military personal) adds to Vanguard's wealth. Engaging on Instagram or purchasing an iPhone translates to increased revenue for these corporations. When Vanguard prospers, Blackrock benefits as well, as they are mutual major shareholders in each other.

The global financial landscape is significantly influenced by the overwhelming presence of Blackrock and Vanguard, whose substantial holdings in leading corporations underscore their substantial influence on our economic and technological ecosystems.

Until recently, we haven’t had other alternatives to Tradfi (traditional finance) that companies such as Blackrock and Vanguard offer. We've had limited options in the transparency of where our hard earned dollars are invested when they're with pension funds, as one example. 
Now with Defi (decentralised finance) models expanding, empowering ourselves can be achieved by embracing novel and advancing blockchain technologies. These avenues present distinctive and cooperative approaches for establishing business models and generating income, particularly after a foundational understanding has been acquired.
We can merge wisdom with business and technology in a way that has just not been possible, until now. DAOs - self governing and automated entities that operate on the blockchain are opening endless opportunities.  Maybe one of us will create the next evolution of Apple, Facebook or Amazon….
You can read more about how DAOs work here: DAOs – What You Need To Know

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How you would like to engage in business development, income streams and wealth creation has become a whole lot more interesting. We have more choice than ever before, it's just about where you place your energy and focus.