Is now a Good time to take advantage of Crypto Market Prices?


Is now a good time to take advantage of the current market prices?

DBM have talked about Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) before.

It’s a great way to reduce some of the risks of investing in volatile assets like cryptocurrencies ie Bitcoin, and ease the decision making process around choosing the best time to buy. The basic idea is to spread your investment into equal amounts over regular intervals instead of trying to decide on the “perfect” time to buy.

Say you have $500 to invest in Bitcoin. Instead of buying $500 worth today, you can buy $50 worth of BTC every week for ten weeks to diversify your entry point and spend the same $500. You can do this through a simple, automated solution called a Recurring Buy.

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A Recurring Buy can be set up on a Daily, Weekly, Twice a Month, or Monthly basis. Setting up Recurring Buying While dollar cost averaging is a smart, responsible way to gain exposure to an asset, sometimes market conditions present themselves that allow for alternative buying opportunities on top of your ongoing DCA plan.

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies are currently* more than 65% below their all time highs. These price drops are largely due to record inflation, supply chain shortages, geo-political conflicts, and other factors which are taking a heavy toll on all markets - not just crypto.

The crypto market itself hasn’t changed much though, and in some instances is seeing improvements: Global adoption and network upgrades within crypto are on the rise. Bitcoin continues to be adopted by institutions, retail investors and more. Ethereum is on track to go through the biggest network upgrade ever. If you ignore the noise of the outside world and focus on the growth within the blockchain ecosystem, things are just as promising as ever.

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It’s completely possible that once the global economic recovery begins, crypto may have a convincing rebound. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this will happen, but if you’re positive about the future of crypto, it might be time to add a little DCA strategy to your overall plan.

Investing in the current market downturn has the potential to pay off in the future.

Question.... Do you know the average % appreciation of BTC in the last decade in dollar terms?


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*as at August 2023