One Day or Day One!

Day One or One Day

"One day or day one; you decide."

You can either live your life as a victim of circumstances or take action today to build the life you desire.

Stop waiting for "one day" to come and make it day one instead. Waiting around leads to stagnation and disempowerment, whereas taking action is empowering and moves you forward.

If you want to change your life circumstances, you need to have an end goal and a plan with Structure, Strategy, and Systems.

- Structure provides the framework that gives stability and coherence to the strategy.

- Strategy is the proactive plan of action and steps to achieve the goal.

- Systems are well-defined and interconnected processes and structures that streamline and automate various financial activities and decision-making.

Many people try to improve their income by throwing funds into something someone has told them about, often with no understanding of any of the moving parts, which essentially is just gambling.

To earn $1,000 per month consistently every month, you need to take action and ask yourself what you need to do to achieve this goal as a starting point.

At DBM, we've just paid 140 people $1,000 each in June. Six months ago, they took action and deployed some capital into a revolutionary AI trading system we partner with and have positioned themselves for ongoing income. The key is not to then take that money and blow it on shopping, but to redeploy up to 80% if possible to position again and repeat. This is how you put your money to work for you 24/7, not the other way around. It gives you leverage and ultimately more life choices.

Take your $1,000 and stake it into a platform we use called Nexo. Borrow against your $1,000 as collateral (good debt), and you can borrow up to 90% of the balance - $900 - and put that to work for you. Now you still have your original $1,000 in digital assets, and you've just created another $900 that you can put to work using the bank's money. That is leveraging a system.

Your $1,000 per month can then become $2,000 per month and so on until the passive income is replacing your income, buying you back your time, and protecting your purchasing power.

What is your end goal - your freedom figure? How much do you need to generate to give you the lifestyle you want? Only you can decide.


  • Write down your goals and be realistic. 
  • Invest in yourself. Free is expensive in the time you lose and mistakes made trying to go it alone.
  • Know there will never be a convenient time, there's only now.
  • Learn how money and finance work.
  • Address your skills gap and rectify it.
  • Understand why you need assets working for you and diversification.
  • Be aware of your limiting beliefs and habits. Wealth is 90% psychology.
  • Surround yourself with those who have what you want and can prove it.
  • Make the decision and get started; the path shows up along the way.
  • Accept the fact that it is not easy. You will have to push through obstacles if you want to achieve your goals.
  • Attend DBM professional coaching workshops and workspaces.

Instead of waiting for "one day," switch to "day one" and get moving. Are you willing to inconvenience your life to buy your future? The more you learn, the more you earn!

One last thing, and this is not to scare you, but the world is changing fast, and change is coming to you no matter what. Change could care less about your story, your income, your age, your fears, your setbacks, or your past. Change is happening right here, right now, to me and to you.

Is it easy? Hell no.

Is it possible? Absolutely.

The people who create success in the current paradigm are those who are versatile, multi-skilled, coachable, and who collaborate. You don't need to master everything; you join forces with others, and you work together like a pride of lions. This collaboration is an accelerated means to get to the end result as opposed to you trying to do this all alone.

No one ever got wealthy sitting on the fence. If you want more, you need to "do" more....

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Do something your future self will thank you for.

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