Come join myself, Moira Gray and Patrik Wang for our first of two launch calls for DBM members this coming week.

On Tuesday 27th June noon UTC (1pm UK/Ireland ~ 2pm CET) and Wednesday 28th June at 8am UTC (9am UK/Ireland ~ 10am CET ~ 8pm NZ) we launch into DBM a very simple, but useful PASSIVE INCOME machine for our blockchain factory.

As a Co-Founder of the DBM Academy, and someone who has worked in this space full time for more than 4 years, I know how important it is test (as fully as possible) our projects/platforms we choose to introduce to our members.  After a busy day trip and successful meeting in London earlier this year with the Founder of UNIVERSE TRADING Dada Pey and Head of Marketing Patrik Wang, I am confident that this is a platform worthy of the DBM seal of approval.

When I look for ways to increase my portfolio, I look for interesting, new and long-term projects and platforms.  But, I also look for those that are very hands-off  and practically pure passive income with very low risk.  I have personally been working with, reviewing and testing out Universe Trading for over 10 months now.   

Universe Trading:

  1. does what it says on the tin and does not change 
  2. easy to join
  3. easy to fund
  4. no liquidity issues (withdrawals of profit and even to empty your account can be completed in a couple of days)
  5. no big and complicated commission structure
  6. set and forget
  7. suitable for beginners
  8. a way to increase your BTC and/or USD holding

Folks, my life is super busy! I have two very small kiddos under my feet every day, a business to run and a future to create for my little ones.  Time is precious to me so this platform is an absolute keeper for me.  It does not promise crazy returns, but it does promise 2.5 years PROVEN very low risk, average 10% per month returns.  

IF you 🫵🏻 are in the same boat or similar and time is precious to you, get yourself on to the calls this coming Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June as we present our big launch to the DBM Members.  You will find the link to the call in