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Wealth Cycle 2023
Hey folks, I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday
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arisaig for blog post
It's been a gorgeous few days on the west coast off Scotland and I thought I'd share a pic from just up the road from where I live, at Arisaig, one of my most fave spots on the planet.
Today, I want to focus on building your Asset Wealth
One of the biggest misnomers in Asset Wealth is to assume it comes from selling the Asset...
In fact, it's quite the opposite... the key is to leverage Assets that appreciate faster than currency supply.
If you own an appreciating Asset never sell it... finance it instead.
Work to store economic energy (purchasing power) over time in Assets that appreciate.
They appreciate due to infinite demand over fixed supply.
Then you finance the Asset to create enough currency to live.
If the Asset is appreciating at 20% per year... and the finance interest is 5%.
Get the picture?
Of course you can also consider that the tax bill on borrowed currency is zero.
Consider constructing a high-quality asset portfolio that appreciates in price faster than the currency supply expands.
Always seek Financial Education.
Not too difficult when combining blockchain technologies with uncontrolled fiat issuance in 2023.
Remember, all that paper currency that's been printed over the last few years has to be paid back.
And the US has just authorised ANOTHER big currency printing bonanza.
What do you think THAT will do to purchasing power...?
This is one of the main reasons we have spiralling INFLATION...
Much better idea is to become your own currency supply.
We can help you to do ALL of this in our Academy
In fact, I am hosting a LIVE global workshop on Thursday June 22nd at 2pm UTC.

It's called Wealth Cycle 2023

Get PRACTICAL real-world help and guidance to develop strategies and skills.
Receive a participant's WORKBOOK with your personal copy of the slide deck and note-book.

This is a LIMITED SEAT workshop and it will NOT be repeated again this year.

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And no, this is NOT some generic rubbish which you will have seen time and time again...
This is ALL my work and it's 40 years of experience distilled into 1 hour.

Look forward to seeing you next week and helping YOU take back control. 

Position > Leverage > Choice > Freedom.
That's it for today!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Robin Morton

Founder Coach DBM Academy