Wealth refers to the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions. While wealth may be largely associated with monetary assets, it can also refer to non-monetary assets such as property, investments, access to nature, and personal relationships. 

No one can argue that wealth is not a means to attain greater freedom, opportunities, and security. However, sometimes wealth and wealthy people have negative connotations such as inequality, corruption, and/or negative environmental impacts. 

Often considered a measure of a person's or society's economic status and stability, wealth can greatly influence a person's quality of life. Although it has always been important, it has often been restricted to a few, striving to accumulate more wealth and resources. However, today people from all walks of life are starting to understand that they too can work towards the wealth they would like to see in their own lives. 

What is wealth to you? 

Would you like to have the freedom that wealth could provide? 

Would you feel bad about being wealthy?

If you suddenly became wealthy with monetary assets would you be prepared?
Food for thoughts ...