The Power of Proximity.

P is P_n
The reliable way to achieve goals faster is by placing yourself in the proximity of people who have what you want and can prove it. The power of proximity can have a dramatic effect on your success. Just by being in the presence of people who are the best at what they do, things can happen much faster. Because of the people they know, the insights they have and their lived experiences, they can literally save you years of time with just one insight.

Us humans are habitual creatures, so when you observe closely and spend time socially with successful people, you begin to replicate their actions. Proximity is simply a priming mechanism.  If you wish to grow and up level any area of life then you need to realise who you need to get in proximity with to be more in tune with your growth plan.

Eg: Your physical wellbeing: you want to get fit and lose 10kgs but you're surrounded by people who are lazy, don't exercise and don't make healthy lifestyle choices, It's going to be a long lonely road and difficult to maintain your own discipline in that environment.
However if you're surrounded by people who are vibrant, eat and move well, make healthy choices then it's going to benefit you being in that kind of energy.

Financial Wellbeing is exactly the same - you must consciously and consistently put yourself in environments where people challenge you and prove to be an influential trigger for your growth.

Stay away from the STILL people....

1. Still finding excuses
2. Still blaming
3. Still playing the victim
4. Still not accountable
5. Still complaining
6. Still judging
7. Still not making a change in their life
8. Still waiting for someone else to "fix" their situation

These are the people you can love from afar and wish them well but can be energetically draining and holding you back.

Consider your current proximity and if it's serving you well - you may have some "house cleaning" to do.

Decide what is most important for you to achieve in the next 1 - 5 years and call those resources in through the power of proximity.

Your future self will thank you for it....guaranteed!

Keep Soaring and Stay Free.