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The definition of an Accredited Investor's model design represents a blatant exploitation of authority and a deliberate manifestation of the perpetuation of economic slavery. It is disguised as a protective measure that we should be grateful for, implying that we lack the competence to invest wisely. It is absurd, and it's surprising that there isn't more outrage about this issue.

I guess it comes down to the fact that most people just don’t know about this. If they did would there be more of an uproar?!

I wonder….

Let me paint a picture for you.

The government says “Hey you’re not savvy enough to invest your money wisely, you’re going to get taken advantage of. So we’re going to protect you and make it impossible for you to do these early stage investments, unless your net worth is $1 million or more…”

Now for many people that $1 million net worth may be equity in a house - it doesn’t mean they’re any more financially savvy than someone who doesn’t have that equity.

Here’s the thing, you’re allowed to bet wherever you like. You can go to the casino, race track, hotel pokie machines anywhere in the the world, even in the comfort of your own home online and LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY….and there’s no regulation. Hmmm suddenly the government is not so concerned about whether you’re savvy, or not, when gambling with your money.

However if you want to invest in a single start up or a group or start ups, it’s deemed “too risky” by the powers that be…

What does that mean? It means you can't access it, you have to give it to someone else to do it for you. Enter the money men of Wall St....
They can pool the money so you’re not taking specific risks. Therefore someone on Wall St gets rich on your behalf because you’re now paying them fees that you didn’t have to pay if you had access yourself to invest. Much of it is a money and power grab by Wall St.

Enter BTC…

The beauty with BTC lies in the fact that it allows you to act as a venture capital investor in the prospects of the currency's future. By holding BTC, you possess an asset with a significant store of value that has a limited supply and infinite demand. Similarly, by investing in Ethereum, you become a venture capitalist in the development of a platform for the internet of value without having to pay any Wall St priced fees.

Take a moment to reflect on this idea.

There’s no bank, no middle men saying “ you have to do it through us” if you want to do this. You can buy it, store it on a hard wallet, and there’s nobody involved. That’s the power of what is happening now.

It gets even better. You can then take that BTC or ETH (assets) and put it to work in defi models to generate a monthly yield where you get to keep your asset and generate cash flow in your pocket month over month. Hence the models we endorse and facilitate at DBM.

This is what I mean when I say it’s never been easier to make money online. It’s an incredible time to get creative, collaborate and build hybrid blockchain based business models. This is true distributed power within wealth creation that people have only been able to dream of….until now.

A system not being against you and keeping you in economic slavery but working for you for once.

Seize this opportunity as it is an exceptionally exciting time. Once you comprehend this concept, your life will be transformed forever. The more knowledge you acquire about it, the more you'll appreciate the remarkable emerging technology that's within our grasp, which can be accessed simply through a smartphone.

This is the moment for individuals who have been marginalized, upset, and frustrated with the current system. Seize this moment as your chance….
For the first time the retail investors, the average every day person, gets to front run - meaning go ahead of the big institutions. It’s always been the other way around.

The big institutions always take the lions share for themselves and we get the leftovers. This is the first time it has flipped.

Consider a major IPO such as Robinhood, a well-known trading application in the United States. Essentially, what happens is that prominent venture capitalists who have made a profit of approximately 1000 times the pre-IPO price have become extremely wealthy by investing in something that you are legally prohibited from investing in as a non-accredited investor.

The way the system is arranged ensures that you will never have access to this opportunity. Then, when the asset has increased significantly in value and is eventually listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE, the opportunity is offered to the public when the greatest profits have already been made, resulting in retail investors buying it at a much higher price, all the best gains have already been made.

Within that there’s always going to be a Microsoft, Amazon or Apple, but your chances of getting in at the time when the big VC do will never happen. So your probability of success is much, much lower.

The system is against you.

Yet with digital assets the institution’s have been held back by regulation….but we’re not. For the first time in history, we get to go first.

We know these institutions have a lot of money because it’s our pensions. They’re going to put our pensions in this in the end when regulations allow….and it’s coming.

We can leverage what's coming to make money, from them entering into the market later and driving up prices ridiculously - that is where we are headed.

The time is now. It’s time to work smarter, take action and change your life.

Keep Soaring and Stay Free!