Learning from Lions


Let's look at the wild and ferocious lions, their hunting tactics and what we've learned from them within the DBM Academy.

Lions are said to be the King of the Jungle. Their fearless, efficient hunting style feeds their reputation & keeps them near the top of the food chain. Here are two methods Lions employ to hunt their prey; The first is stalking, to stay hidden for as long as possible while approaching their prey. Another way is to fight face to face after strategically cornering their prey.

Regardless of the method, lions hunt together but have a clear leadership structure that ensures they operate effectively. The pride collaborates and plans strategically. Their success depends on each other's cooperation.

The DBM Community have collaborated together resulting in some impressive initiatives, our DAISY Team Funds. The most recent ones are managed by a group of diverse coaches who have stepped up to lead the pack. Sasie, Melanie, Mella, Robin and Lee are all guided and supported by Sean, Stephen and Yvonne. Maximising on the experience and success of previous Team Funds. When resources and expertise are combined team fund members tend to achieve more than they could alone.

DBM are advocates of education and responsibility so while we expect you to have your own personal DAISY account, consider hunting with a pride of lions also. You may end up with more on your plate.

Referring to the hunting methods above, stalking could be likened to our reluctance to touch trading profits, leaving them to compound for as long as possible. Whereas the face to face attacking method, could’ve been inspired by our ability to adapt and pivot according to changes and opportunities the DAISY platform presents.

Apparently lions enjoy the thrill of the chase so let's not forget about the ‘fun’ aspect. The DAISY team-fund group-chats and AMAs document the progress and often excite members when seeing the successful progression. Many members in the older team funds are already feasting on their prey and enjoying payouts.

A pride of lions on a hunt are aware of potential threats. So you will have to (and always should) do your own diligent research. And never invest more than what you are prepared to lose. As with any investment there are risks.

Either way our DAISY Team Funds are like going on a wild hunt with fellow investors. So why not embrace your inner lion (lioness) and ‘pounce’ on the opportunity together.

Find out more from the coaches mentioned above and join us weekly on the Daisy calls; Tues 2pm UTC & Weds 8am UTC.

Successfully yours,
Sasie Thompson
DBM Academy Coach