Lengthen Your Stride

Lengthen Your Stride

Wow! It's been an interesting few weeks in the DBM Academy.

As we recently celebrated our first year, our focus within the Academy has been to move towards guiding our subscribers into sustainable long term wealth.

We are still perfectly happy to help people build short term cashflow to put food on the table, and we ALL need to eat, right?.

But, the more experienced coaches amongst us have identified the need for solid and reliable education to empower you to grow your wealth for the long term.

And no small part of that involves improving your skill set: knowing your numbers, understanding taxation and minimising risk as far as is possible.

We've also found that growing a community like the DBM Academy, and working together, like a pride of lions has also been instrumental in our success.

The value of assets under our own control in the DAISY Team Funds is a great example of this empowerment.

So much so, that several of our coaches, Lee, Melanie, Sasie, Mella and myself, Robin, have now begun to construct new team funds, using our tried and tested strategies and powerful spreadsheet analyses.

And it's been an education.

I liken it to when I decided I wanted to run a marathon for charity many years ago. I had never been a runner. I couldn't run the length of myself. Running for 26 miles just didn't seem possible.

But over the days, weeks and months to come, I trained hard and eventually became a marathon runner.

One important lesson I learned, was to lengthen my stride. What I mean by that is, by carefully stretching my foot out a little further from time to time, my stride became longer. This meant I could travel a greater distance, in less time and without any greater effort.

As DBM coaches, we have ALL learnt to lengthen our strides over the last few weeks.

Building a team fund isn't easy and the learning curve is substantial.

At the outset, we could never have imagined we'd have an entire hierarchy of team funds, each one helping to fortify and enhance the others in our close-knit community. Building substantial funds in a forex-trading environment, immune to the volatility of the crypto market. Creating an asset that will be part of a hedge-fund with the increased 'legitimacy' that brings. 

And, the good news is we're still building.

The window of opportunity is open if you'd like to learn more, earn more, lengthen YOUR stride and perhaps move up a tax bracket in 2024.

If this is something you like the sound of, then attend our DAISY workshops, get back to your Academy coach of choice or contact the following coaches directly. Mella / Willemijn Wolters, Sasie Thompson and myself are awaiting your questions and keen to welcome you into our fast-growing team funds.

Just one of the ever-growing ways we help DBM Academy members to build wealth and passive income in 2023 and beyond.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Robin Morton

Founder Coach DBM Academy