It's time to get REAL... the Factory Floor is LIVE!

factory floor - molten
Hey folks, it's Robin Morton here, founder coach with DBM Academy.

Did you know the FACTORY FLOOR workshop series is LIVE?

We ALL know how easy it can be to attend workshops and listen to the experts talking about what you should be doing and why it might be a good idea.

Then 'Life Inc' gets in the way for a few hours and by the time you carve out a few minutes to attempt to do what you saw someone else do on a webinar... it's gone.

You can't remember how to do it.

That's why our FACTORY FLOOR workshops will be invaluable.

You won't be watching 'other people' learning - it will be YOU doing it for REAL, along with the rest of the class - LIVE and DIRECT.

Learn by Doing!

It's far and away THE BEST WAY to absorb and retain information.

Melanie and Robin look forward to working alongside you, shoulder to shoulder...!

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See you soon!

Robin Morton
DBM Academy Founder Coach