Saying "YES" Will Change Your Life.

Saying Yes

The most powerful word in the world is also one of the simplest: YES

How many times have you denied yourself new areas for growth and expansion based purely on FEAR? (False Evidence Appearing Real)

If you're anything like me, it's many times. It's takes courage to tell yourself the truth....

One of the ways you can break the habitual pattern of denying yourself is simply saying YES next time an opportunity shows up to grow.

Say YES to the scary new project that will push you to grow.

Say YES to a few days off line so you can take some time to go within and see what's there. Online will still all be there when you get back....

Say YES to the trip you've been postponing.

Say YES to learning new skills which will elevate your life.

Say YES to giving the speech that terrifies you.

Say YES to self discipline with your physical health.

Say YES to the new friendships and biz relationships that stretch you.

Say YES to new communities who are the wind beneath your wings

Say YES to new, independent ways to make money.

Say YES to less reliance on banks, bosses and governments.

Say YES to the book that seems so hard to read yet carries the wisdom your soul craves for.

Say YES to becoming a person of possibility and a warrior of opportunity.

Say YES to actualising what you most desire instead of silently just wishing for it.

Your genius, your magic, your wealth and your very quality of life depend on it.

Stop waiting for perfection, for the "right" conditions before you take the leap into the new.

So many opportunities will be available this year - life changing opportunities.

Make 2023 your year for YES and watch how doors appear where there were once walls.

Watch this space....

Keep Soaring and Stay Free 🙏❤️