Meet the Coaches with Moira Gray

Meet the Coaches

It's been a while since I took the opportunity to introduce one of our amazing coaches to you in person in a 'Meet The Coaches' chat.

Much has happened since then!

✅ The DBM Academy has grown and developed in a huge way and we are super excited about our developments.

✅ We have more amazing coaches in different timezones to introduce to you.

✅ The world has become (a little) more crazy and we are more grateful by the day to have alternative options during the re-distribution of wealth through the blockchain space and the current wealth cycle.

✅ I've had a beautiful baby girl, who at 10 months has listened into more financial education and business meetings than most adults will in their life!

✅ Blockchain for Women continues to develop and serve the female side of our community, supporting all the amazing female investors, educators and learners.

In the coming weeks I will be hosting calls with Dori Capretti (USA), Cindy Cork (USA), Leanne Jones (Australia) and others.  I hope you enjoy the new introductions as well as taking an opportunity to search through the blog posts to meet our coaches already interviewed.  In the meantime, why don't you join these brilliant coaches on their workshops DBM Workshops Schedule

Here is an older recording of one of our amazing coaches and leaders based in New Zealand - Diana Rodriguez, I hope you enjoy.