NEW COURSE: Security in the Digital Space is LIVE in the DBM Academy


How's your understanding of SECURITY when it comes to protecting your digital assets, your devices, your social media?

I'm thrilled to finally go live with my latest course in the DBM Academy - SECURITY IN THE DIGITAL SPACE.  This is one of those 'must do' courses which is why I am offering it at $59 to everyone in the Academy... with the exception of  17 lucky members.

We celebrate a very special day here in IrelandūüćÄ (and across the globe) this Friday 17th March and in advance of that, and to celebrate the launch of SECURITY IN THE DIGITAL SPACE, I am giving away the first 17 courses for FREE!

Just enter the code "pot-of-gold" when purchasing the course and you will get it at no cost.

The course is jam packed with 33 lessons, 1.5 hours of video content and lots of calls to action for you to get your security in order BEFORE it becomes an issue.  When a scammer strikes, it is not only the financial loss but the incredible amount of time and sleepless nights as a result.  Come join me on the journey through the course and when you have completed it, you will have access to the invaluable WORKSPACES in the Academy for a limited time.  I will also host a special SECURITY CLINIC each month for members who have completed this course.

Wishing you all the best of luck in nabbing the first 17 spots, and for those of you who do not and go on to purchase and benefit from the course, I look forward to seeing you after you complete it!