Your Pathway to Freedom

Here we are in early February, 2023, if you made New Year’s reservations at all, there is a solid chance that you have already broken them. So the question now is, what are you going to do to actually create goals that are achievable, and push you to make 2023 a phenomenal year? 


The next question is, what is holding you back? Far too often, there are underlying beliefs about yourself, that you may not be worthy, or smart enough, or young enough, or old enough, etc. to achieve something. Often, these beliefs came from other people in your life when you were younger. It could be that a parent said something to you in a moment of frustration or anger, that sticks with you today. It could be something mean that a classmate said in school or on the playground. It  could be something that a teacher,  pastor, or grandparent said to protect you, and unbeknownst to you, has been shaping areas of your life.  

Clearly defined goals are key. If you say, “I want to make more money.”, or “I want to lose weight.”, you have not given clearly defined target to shoot for. 

Let’s say you are flying to a city 3,000 miles away. Imagine leaving on time and arriving on time, and yet, an airplane traveling to it’s destination, is off course 90+% of the time. This is due to weather, turbulence and other factors, BUT, the feedback given, the computer system, and the skill of the pilots continually bring it back on course to land safely on the desired runway at the destination. 

Setting a crystal clear goal and consistently evaluating your progress, will allow for turbulence, and yet will allow you to achieve your goals. 


This Saturday, Sarah McCalden and Hal Taylor will help you create a Pathway To Freedom. The link is below. 

If you have been frustrated with past results, or strategies are not working, or you are attempting to get through, day by day, and not knowing where the collective days are leading, then this is for you. 

Sign up below, and we look forward to seeing you Saturday, February 4!!!