Blockchain Projects... What to look for in 2023

Blockchain Technology is maturing... from the first public use cases around Bitcoin to
the era of Defi and Smart Contracts. What has become possible is revolutioning business,
asset owenership and society in general.
The journey has not been plain sailing and is still immature in so many ways.
In 2023 though we can more clearly see the good, the bad and the ugly in how people are
deploying the technology.
No more is this evident than in the Defi Projects where money is simply moved around in
Trading, Staking, Noding and Minting. At the same time there are few more powerful ways
for ordinary people to use assets to leverage cashflow.
Lets look at what best practice is beginning to be defined as in "layer 2" blockchain use cases.

More detail on the DBM Defi Loop HERE


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