Monday Musings - Different Logic

Mexico Traffic

One of the things that has struck me as I have travelled, both now and in the past, is the different logic that people apply in different places.

I’m going to use the Mexican road system and driving here as it is fresh in my mind having driven about 2500km in the last 3 weeks.

At first it was driving me nuts.  Literally. 

I don’t know what it is like where you live, but where I live, if you want to turn right across the traffic (or left as it is in Mexico), then you get into the right lane.  Here it seems that sometimes that is the case, you get in the left hand lane to turn left, but sometimes, you have to get into the far right lane and wait there to turn left.  And this is often sectioned off with a reservation, so when you realise at the last minute that this is the case, you can’t do anything about it.  And there is no real way of telling in advance what you are likely to find.

Then, I am used to motorway junctions, where the traffic leaves the motorway before traffic joins at that junction.  But many junctions in Mexico operate the opposite way, which means during busy periods, there is a huge scrum of people trying to join the motorway as others are trying to leave it.  Just why would you build it like that????

Then if a driver wants to indicate that he is happy for you to pass them, they will put their indicator on.  But of course, when you first get here, you think they are going to pull out, so you wait for a while before you twig what is going on.

It’s taken time and a lot of mileage, but I’m getting it, it’s just taken persistence and getting my head around a different logic!

I could say much the same about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

When you first start looking at it, for many, it just does not make sense and it looks too hard to learn.

We are used to one way of thinking, one way of looking at the financial systems. 

We are used to a centralised financial system, a decentralised one leaves many unable to understand how it works and what its advantages are over our current systems.

For me, the key to learning how the Mexican road system works has been repetition.  I have been driving, driving, driving and each day it makes more sense to me.  Even if I am not 100% clear on the logic of why it is how it is, I am able to use the system.

I would suggest that if you are on the fence about cryptocurrency because you just don’t understand it, that you just dive in.

The DBM Academy has around 50 hours per week of free workshops to help people new to the blockchain understand it.

Just keep reading and listening and the penny will drop, I promise!!!


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