Monday Musings – What does freedom look like?


I think this is a really personal question and it looks like different things to different people.

And as you evolve, your concept of freedom changes with that evolution.

For example, I spent around the first 20 years after school as a wage slave.  At that time for me, freedom was being able to relax at the weekend and have 4 weeks holiday a year.

I also still had the illusion of freedom, of being a free man living in a free country (UK).  I now look back and laugh at that.

I then set up my own business.  Because my concept of freedom at that time was being able to set my own hours, not to have to answer to a boss, not to have to ask for time off when needed.

Again, another illusion as you are still exchanging time for money (albeit more money), but I was working harder and for longer hours.

Then several years ago I discovered blockchain and crypto and all the possibilities it brings.  I discovered that I could have time freedom by creating passive income.


As I was discovering this, all of my illusions about living in a free country were being shattered by the lockdowns, the introduction of V passes, the mandatory wearing of masks and the limitations placed on you if you did not want to buy into all of this.

And the further I explored in that direction, I discovered our rigged financial systems designed to keep us in our place, the pharmaceutical products designed not to heal, but to make us a customer for life, the food in supermarkets that is depleted of all nutrition and full of poisons to make us obese and ill.

My concept of freedom morphed and changed again.

So what does it look like now?

Currently my view of freedom is that it is closely linked with how we show up and take responsibility for our lives. 

We need to extract ourselves from the systems that enslave us and keep us sick.

But to do that means that you need to stop relying on these systems.

Stop relying on the centralised banking system that profits by keeping us financially enslaved.

Stop relying on the pharmaceutical companies who profit by keeping us sick.

Stop relying on the supermarkets who profit by selling us depleted, poisonous food.

Stop relying on an education system designed to dumb us down and prepare us for a lifetime of wage slavery.

I could go on, but you get the picture. 

Start showing up in your life and taking responsibility for the sake of yourself and future generations.

I know this is a daunting prospect for many.  It is not easy to stop reliance on these old broken systems.

We want to help people step out of the old systems and into a brave new world.  This is not about destroying the old, it is about creating a beautiful new world in parallel that people can choose to join if they wish.

A world where people are brave enough to take responsibility for their own choices and to ditch reliance on the old. 

By the way, it’s also the freedom to go and play mini golf whenever you feel like it. 

This is Alex, my son after getting a hole in one!!

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I'm totally with you on all of this, my world was turned upside down during cvd when I came to realise that all the systems in place are designed to enslave us, only to be getting worse very soon, especially under the guise of climate change. I've come to realise that most of what I have been taught throughout my life is all lies.  Now i'm looking for a better way forward, trying to avoid the banking system before it collapses, I suppose it's good to try all angles.

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