Avoid the Money Men, Financial "Advisors" and Marketers...

Fiscal and Monetary policy stand offs, Currency Wars, Trade Wars, Supply Chains, Defi Fall outs.

The money men and fiscal scientists are always at the root of the problem. Its been a turbulent few months in ALL markets.... including DEFI
As ever the root of the turmoil is often at the hands of the money men as they persist in moving money around in the fiat and digital crypto markets.

To listen to them you would think price, markets, trends and specualtion is all that matters. They create zero innovation, productivity, creativity or
true value.
In fact true price is always based on REAL value. Knowing this means we can see the unscrupulous greed, arrogance and short termism of the
money men for what it is.

We can use their mis management to strengthen our positions and move closer to sustainable value based on utility and true value.

Lets take a look at how it all connects.
Use the Markets.... Dont be used by them.

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Another great strategy call thanks DBM

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