Monday Musings – My Crypto Journey Part 3 – (How I have been taking more self-responsibility

If you are still with me, then you will have read about the positive effects stepping into the crypto space has had on my life.

From stepping up and getting properly educated, to my mindset and mental health.

But there have been a load more positive side effects of this journey and one of them has been stepping into more personal responsibility.

When you start out on the crypto road, especially if this is a major source of income for you, then you immediately become totally responsibly not only for your wealth generation, but your wealth protection.

This is not a forgiving space.

  • Get the wallet address wrong that you are sending funds? Then kiss goodbye to your crypto.
  • Lose your phone with your crypto wallets on and didn’t have the seed words kept safely? Again, bye bye crypto.
  • Give your wallet’s seed words away to an online scammer? Same story.
You get the picture though. There is no 3rd party to blame. It all rests firmly on your shoulders.

For me though, this was just the beginning.

At about the same time as I was really starting to move into this space, my wife and I decided to take responsibility for educating our children.

This was not a small step or something we took lightly, but looking at the school system, there was an element of feeling that we didn’t have a choice.

Our feeling was that schools are basically state sponsored indoctrination camps, there to brainwash the young into conforming. All that they are there to do is to provide obedient little wage slaves.

So we stepped up. It required a big shift in our thinking. After all, we are products of that system and spent most of our working lives as wage slaves, so it has not been the easiest to unlearn all we thought we knew about how children learn. But we are getting there.

The trouble is, once you start waking up to the way that the world works, you have no choice but to continue the self-responsibility journey as well!!

Next up was health and nutrition. After all, what we put into our body is vitally important to our health. What followed was a load more researching and education. Again, there is just so much misinformation out there and so much food “research” that was sponsored by companies with vested interests. More long held beliefs started to fall.

We moved away from shopping at supermarkets and looked for local organic producers and changed the types of foods we were putting into our bodies.

In our ignorance previously we had been eating a fair few sugar filled foods without knowing it.

So we moved away from those sugary foods and started consuming more foods with healthy fats in them (yes, the right kinds of fats are not only healthy, but necessary for your body to function optimally, yet more lies that have been perpetrated upon us.)

We are also staying away from allopathic medicine and spending time researching natural health cures.

It may sound onerous, taking responsibility for all of these areas of your life, but we have never been happier or healthier than we are now as a family.

It feels good to know that you are not giving your power away to the financial systems, big pharma and the greed of a food industry who just want to pump you and your kids full of nutrient deficient processed rubbish.

It is a journey I highly recommend!!


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