Monday Musings – My Crypto Journey (part 2) (How I have been healing my depression)

Every New Day
Last week I talked about the process that brought me to the point I am at now. Now I want to talk about what this journey has done for me. Because it is not just about the end result and generating income, it is about what the journey itself has given me. Because it hasn’t just been about learning about crypto and passive income and putting that into action. It is far more holistic than that.

When I started out on this path, I had so many hang-ups about money. All the usual negative beliefs about how I wasn’t worthy to be wealthy, that I could never emulate those people who have wealth, it wasn’t my destiny to have money.

Before I started coaching, I hated being on video, couldn’t bear the thought of putting myself ‘out there’. After all, people might not agree with what I was saying, might not like what I was saying, might not like me!!!!

I was working long hours, travelling extensively, not spending as much time as was needed with my wife and children with no real prospect that this would ever change and that I would be chained to work, eat, sleep cycle until the end.

I had no real control over my own destiny. I was a passenger in my own life! How crazy is that?

Many won’t know this about me, but I have suffered quite severe depression at times in my life. Eventually about 4 years ago I decided that I really needed to take this in hand.

I did not want to take drugs and I didn’t get on at all with the people I tried to see for therapy. So I went the route of self-help.

I read books, did courses and dived deep into mindset.

I discovered that I was disempowering myself by living in a victim state. Everything happened to me. All the negative things in my life were outside of my control, after all I couldn’t do anything to change them, could I.

As I dived deeper, I had many lightbulb moments, not least the realisation that for a large part of my life I had been a victim and that state had coloured so many of my actions and decisions.

As I came out of that state, I found so many opportunities arising because of my new found attitude to life.

I started to invest in myself much more. I challenged my beliefs around money. I started to care less about what people thought of me. I started to believe in myself and that I could step away from the hamster wheel.

Let’s be clear. This was not an overnight process and 4 years later I am still a work in progress. I do feel that if you have depressive tendencies, they don’t just magically vanish, you have to keep doing the work to keep the black dog from the door.

And a lot of things transpired around the same time to push me further on that journey. In early 2020 COVID hit which had several major repercussions.

Firstly it destroyed my event management business I had run for 15 years.

Secondly, I had always had a deep suspicion that all was not right with the world and COVID really brought that to the surface.

My business folding (coupled with losing a substantial sum in a scam later that same year) were both events that would have destroyed the old me and sent me into a deep spiral of depression.

With my new mindset, I discovered instead that these events had provided opportunities that I hadn’t previously dreamed of and I grabbed them with both hands. Not having my business to work on, I was freed to see new opportunities and to learn learn learn.

I also found my voice and started speaking out against all that was happening as a result of COVID. I lost the fear of people not liking what I was saying, not liking me. As many of us have, I lost a lot of friends in the process. (And got my first Facebook ban!!). I learned that what other people think of me is none of my business.

All of these things stood me in good stead for moving into the crypto space and starting to coach, something I had not previously considered.

I had built resilience.
I had built a positive wealth mindset.
I had built knowledge.

My day to day life is unrecognisable from where I was 2 years ago.

Every day I work with my incredible fellow coaches at the DBM Academy. We are not just colleagues, we are family. If I am having a bad day, I talk to these amazing people. We lift each other up in difficult times

Every day I learn new things and have new experiences. I now put my hand up for things that I know are going to be out of my comfort zone, which I would never have done before and have discovered personal growth I wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

I get to spend loads more time with my wife and children.
I have learned to be grateful for all that I have every single day.
My confidence has expanded.
My mindset is unrecognisable.
I welcome wealth into my life!

In short, I don’t even recognise the me of 4 years ago.

The crypto journey I am on has been a huge part of the healing process.

I am incredibly grateful for every step of the process and the wonderful people I get to hang out with every day!


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