Monday Musings - What is Money?

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Monday Musings – Abundance vs Scarcity

I want to dive back into a bit more detail around the post I wrote last week, Abundance vs Scarcity and ask the question, ”What is money?” and take a look at how our answers to this question shape our beliefs.

So, what is money to you?

Is it a source of power?

Do you feel that without money, you are unable to achieve wealth?

Is money the root of all evil?

It’s actually none of the above.

Money does not create power.

A lack of money will not stop you achieving wealth.

Money is neither intrinsically good or bad, it is the intention with which it is used that dictates that.

Money is, quite simply, a representation of value.

That’s it, nothing more.  It was created to improve the efficiency of transactions.

Money doesn’t create value, people do.

It is simply a tool, a medium of exchange.

To give it any consideration over and above that is giving it a power that it does not deserve.

And yet so many are hung up on their beliefs around money that money consumes them. 

There is the belief that money = power and power corrupts.  Be honest, how often have you looked at someone in a flash car, or who has a big house and wondered how honestly they have acquired that wealth?

So where does that leave us if we want to pursue wealth?  You don’t have to part with your morals to enjoy the fruits of wealth.  That is an individual decision based on your own internal values.  And many of those people have worked hard to enjoy the material benefits of their wealth. 

Regardless of whether you view displays of wealth as ostentatious or vulgar, it doesn’t mean that this person hasn’t given value and legitimately earned their wealth.  That is just your judgement. 

That you need money to achieve wealth is a huge fallacy.   Yes, sure, it can accelerate the process, but true wealth creation comes through providing value for others.  Provide value and wealth will follow. 

And the actual quote is “The love of money is the root of all evil”.  Those first few words change the whole complexion of that quote.  From money being the issue, to peoples’ attitudes to money being the issue.

What I am trying to articulate here is that the way we view money colours our entire belief system when it comes to wealth.  Mindset is a massive part of wealth generation.  And that wealth generation all starts with creating value.  So if your mindset is stuck in the paradigms above and you are viewing money as anything more than an abstract representation of value, it’s going to make it far harder for you to succeed at making it.

We don’t have to wait until we have money to prosper, prosperity is achieved by creating value.

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