DBM SuperHour Overview with Q&A

Here is the recording of last week's SuperHour with Moira and Cliodhna - We looked at an overview of the project and did some Q & A about various aspects of the ecosystem.

From this week on we will have 3 SuperOne Workshops on the schedule to accommodate our community members in other timezones.

Wednesday (starting 24th Aug) - SuperOne Overview hosted by Dr. Cindy Cork. Time: 10PM UTC (6PM EST)

Thursday - Super Hour - Overview/Training/Q&A - hosted by MOira Gray & Cliodhna Colgan Time: 11AM UTC

Thursday (starting 25th Aug) - SuperOne Overview hosted by Page Brockman Time: 8PM UTC (4PM EST)

Access all calls via https://www.dbm.academy/projects-platforms

or  Learn more at www.dbm.academy/superone