Is the Fiat System Serving You in 2022? What Next?

100 years of US dollar hegemony.
51 years this month of a full fiat system.
Over 10 years of austerity and the consequences of unfettered fiscal experimentation by central banks and the “top” nation states are now coming home to roost.
Forced interest rates, incomprehensible sovereign debt, double digit inflation, failing social systems, rising private debt, disenfranchised populations, 2.4 billion unbanked, food and energy shortages, job insecurity, real wage reductions and toothless democracy… just some of the 2022 challenges we face.
All despite the wealthy getting wealthier, as decades of deregulation in banking and crony capitalism shows us what greed and self interest really looks like.
That’s the unfortunate backdrop for millions of ordinary people now forced to accept “new normals”… you will own nothing and be happy.
Populations now pre primed to roll over at the slightest whim of “public health”, environmental “disaster” or economic “reset”… following years of brow beating, social welfare reliance and the bread and circus of a dumbed down society.
What next?
On todays DBM Strategy call we look at the consequences of handing over responsibility to bosses, banks and governments to YOUR future.
Before detailing why we live in one of the most incredible and opportune decades in human history.
What does this look like and how does all this doom and gloom mean incredible life opportunities to those who are aware of the coming shifts in social and economic structures.
Get ahead of inflation, get ahead of the transition to CBDCs, get ahead of increased life opportunity.

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