Meet the coaches - Cliodhna Colgan

It was so much fun having a chat with coach Cliodhna Colgan on St Patricks morning!  Cliodhna and I had a great catch up 12 months ago on the same day.  I have a feeling it will become an annual event now!
Each week I will do a live chat with one or two of the DBM coaches so that you can get to know us better.
Learn WHY we do what we do, how it came to be, and how our own journey into the blockchain and education space has evolved.
I couldn't be more proud to see Cliodhna as a DBM Coach, as she is a natural educator.  She teaches English and Maths to little ones and it parallels with teaching Blockchain Basics (a whole new language in itself) and cash flowing assets (the numbers end).  Cliodhna and I work closely with one of our fellow coaches in the DBM '3 months to cashflow' program, putting our experience to work helping others to achieve what we have!
You will find Cliodhna in Digital Green Shoots private group, in the workspaces on the DBM Academy and doing free workshops which you will find on Workshops Schedule
We hope you enjoy the interview and chat in the video, look out for the next one with Peter and Jilly Wellings, our coaching couple in the next blog!