Trust Your Struggle and Be Your Own Bank



Becoming Your Own Bank is a journey towards freedom—self-sovereignty. Financial independence.

We do this two ways:
1. Less reliance on Central and Commercial Banks
2. Utilising Decentralised financial models.

It’s not that we hate banks (although they are a shady bunch) - we really don’t need them in the way we once did. In fact, we need them a lot less in our new crypto money systems.

But we’re practical. It’s too early to do this all at once. Too risky. Too difficult.

This global, open money system is just getting started.

That’s why it’s a journey.

Pioneering for Gold!

Like all worthwhile journeys, this one isn’t easy! Anything worth having takes effort and requires requires risk!

We’re not just starry-eyed dreamers searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - we’re pioneering for a better future because there’s gold!

It’s early days and if we’re right—massive upside! New economies. New asset classes. The opportunity to become financially independent. That’s real freedom…

This is like learning HTML and buying .com domains in 1995.


  1. To maximize your crypto assets (independence & wealth)
  2. To become a crypto Jedi (skills & knowledge)

And it’s about a better system for future generations:

  1. It’s about rejecting authoritarianism 
  2. It’s about opposing the over reach of banks, governments and corporations.
  3. It’s about building it up not burning it down 
  4. It’s about how we can change the world 
  5. It’s about access for developing world & billions of people who are “unbanked”
  6. It’s about a hedge against their money printing  driving up inflation

BYOB means freedom and upside for each of us as individuals and an opportunity to make the world a better place for future generations.
However freedom is not free - you have to invest with your time, energy, commitment and money. If BYOB wins, we have a greater chance at a much better quality of life.

 Keep Soaring