A Case Study - an uncertain world

We know that the world is an uncertain place. I want to talk to you about a couple who are experiencing this uncertainty in their lives.

This is a couple who both run online businesses. He is English, she is Russian. Her business deals with clients in Russia and she is based outside of Russia.
The recent sanctions mean that Russians are unable to send payments from Russia to the outside world. In addition, she uses Instagram as her main platform to promote herself and that is now inaccessible inside Russia. Her clients are not crypto savvy, so her online business is no longer bringing in any income.

Her husband has a coaching business, but the majority of his income comes from passive crypto and defi investments. Whilst their income has suffered, the passive income on its own is enough to pay the bills and put food on the table. So whilst things are far from ideal, they aren’t a total disaster.

How do I know this is a true story?

Because this is my wife Anna and I. Without those passive returns we would be in extremely dire straits financially at the moment.

How did we reach this point of being resilient financially? We didn’t have a huge amount of funds to invest at the start and it certainly hasn’t happened overnight.

But the main reason we are at this point is education. Over the last couple of years I have paid for courses and mentoring to bring me to the point where I am now and that investment has been repaid many times.

Could I have got to this point without paying for education.

Possible, but doubtful.

And even if I could have, it would have taken me far longer, far more hours of listening to YouTube videos of people I don’t know and have no connection with.

Far more of getting into platforms that ended up disappearing and costing me because I didn’t know enough to spot scams or platforms that were not viable.

Going round in circles due to not having any defined strategy.

Is there loads of free information in this group? Yes and it will stay that way.

Are there loads of free resources in the DBM Academy? Yes and it will stay that way.

But if you want to accelerate your learning, the best way to do that is to pay for education.

Within DBM there is the opportunity to join as a standard member at $97/month and gain access to the DBM workspace, places you can go to chat to the DBM coaches to gain advice any crypto issues you may be having. This also gives you a 10% discount on all courses.

There is our tried and tested 3 Months to Cash Flow program. Born out of the frustration of watching people throwing good money after bad in this space, this course will take you through mindset, skills, platforms and guide you towards a strategy for your future. $394.20 for unfettered access to 3-4 coaches over a 3-month period. 4 calls over that period with the coaches plus access to a private messenger group between you and the coaches. This course is a bargain for that kind of mentoring and attention.

Then there are the courses that you can purchase.

You can access these courses and all the free workshops by signing up for the academy at https://www.dbm.academy.

I honestly can’t tell you how grateful I am to this space and the people in it for teaching me what I needed to know.
I am proof that the platforms we talk about work.

That the strategies I have learned work.

Yes, it cost me money, but it’s given me peace of mind and a lifeline in these difficult times in which we live.

Can you really put a price on that?

I can’t…


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