Cashflow in Stable coins

Blockchain Income

At DBM we often talk about the 4 different layers in the blockchain industry and the importance of knowing how to build your own cash flowing DeFi-loop.
This starts with Mindset, taking a step into the blockchain space requires a different mindset from your default thinking and actions in the world of fiat currencies. As soon as you start to adjust your Mindset the next step is to develop your Skills. Which will help you to get to Income. And knowing how to manage your income  to create a critical mass from the cashflow you generate, will get you to Wealth.

On your Journey to Wealth it is essential to have tools (projects and platforms) that create cashflow so you can create that critical mass. It’s what Robert Kiyosaki explains in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad “the rich know how to make their money work for them”.

Buying coins and waiting for the price to go up is how I (and many with me) started in this industry 12 years ago, because there was no other way. That's why I am very happy to say there are other ways to create cashflow nowadays.
No more thoughts like “What coin should I choose?” Or “Which coin could be the next best thing that happened after sliced bread” or you got yourself invested in a coin because a friend of a friend of a friend made millions last year (so they say) and now you want to try your luck.

Creating cashflow with Stable coins in my humble opinion should be part of everybody's strategy.

For those of you who have been with DBM for a while you probably have a position in Daisy/Endotech and you know what it is like to earn in USDT.
But platforms and projects go through changes which sometimes means your cashflow for that part of your portfolio is put on hold for a period of time.
And that is why we are always looking to diversify and extend our portfolio.
This Wednesday we will introduce a new stable coin based platform that creates daily rewards. No MLM and a team that consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the fintech industry and a deep passion for blockchain and web3 projects.

It’s just gone private, which means joining the platform is on invite only base, because they prefer quality over quantity.

If you want to know more about this platform join the zoom call on Wednesday at 1pm UTC (2pm UK)

Check here for the zoom link:

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