Heads Up! The Dencun Upgrade Is Coming!

nexo dencun upgrade
Are you aware there's a significant upgrade happening inside the Ethereum blockchain?
Do you know HOW it's going to impact on your activities and future success?

Hopefully most of you are already seeing the power of leveraging your assets with Nexo, especially now we are in a bull run.
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Here's some very important and time-based information from Nexo:

"We are reaching out to share news about the upcoming Dencun upgrade of the Ethereum network, scheduled for March 13 by the Ethereum Foundation.

This upgrade is a significant step forward for the network, enhancing its performance and security.
We kindly ask you to review the below information as it includes essential details about temporary adjustments to ETH transactions during the upgrade process.

The Dencun upgrade is currently set to take place at 13:55 UTC on March 13 on the main Ethereum network.
For more insights into the upgrade, read our dedicated blog post and follow the countdown on Blocknative.com.

Please be aware that this industry-wide upgrade, led by a third party, calls for a temporary pause of all ETH and ERC-20 transactions, including top-ups and withdrawals on the Ethereum network on Nexo.
Our technical teams expect the upgrade to be completed in just a few hours, and we'll keep you duly informed on social media about when Nexo's services will resume.
  • Top-ups and withdrawals in ETH and all supported ERC-20 tokens1 will be paused a few hours before the Ethereum Dencun upgrade to ensure a smooth transition. Services will resume as soon as the upgrade is complete.
  • During this brief pause, the visibility of incoming transactions for these assets in your Nexo account will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Following the successful Dencun upgrade, we will closely monitor the network for stability and aim to restore services as soon as possible, typically within a couple of hours of the update.
  • Rest assured, swapping and borrowing against ETH and ERC-20 tokens will remain available at all times throughout the upgrade.
For a hassle-free experience during the maintenance period, please make sure you manage your funds accordingly and monitor your Savings and Credit Line Wallets as well as trading balances in light of the possible market volatility around the Dencun upgrade.
We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work together towards a more efficient and secure Ethereum network. Thank you for your continued support.
Stay ahead,
The Nexo Team"

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Robin Morton
DBM Academy Founder Coach