Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated

success is repeated efforts

Hey there and Happy New Year!

How are you coping with the volatile markets this week?

This is the time of year we all get bombarded by messages imploring us to get fitter, lose weight or find the secret key to untold riches.

Last year, I saw a report about business and entrepreneurs that said:

The top 10% of small business owners make 12 times as much as the average of the remaining 90%.

So, what’s the difference?

Well…as with most everything, there isn’t just one reason.

But after 19 years of coaching business people, big and small, the biggest distinction I've found between those who struggle and those who succeed is this:

The successful people stick at it, through thick and thin.

The ‘strugglers’ don’t.

They're too busy running after the next bright shiny object, while the successful people find winning strategies and stick to applying them.

Successful people pursue their goals with purpose, acquiring the needed knowledge & support. That's what we're here for at DBM.

Successful people develop the daily habits that lead to the outcomes they want.

The strugglers don’t have the patience or perseverance needed to create sustainable success.

So, as you pursue your goals in 2024 - keep this in mind.

If you’re struggling right now, as many of us might be after a l-o-n-g bear market, the answer isn’t that you’re ‘one altcoin away from wealthy retirement’ or that you need to figure out the latest dApp.

It’s that you need to adopt the traits of a successful business person.

It’s why we don’t just teach tactics in our DBM Academy blockchain coaching.

We also coach Academy members on mindset and profitable productivity each and every week.

Your DMO is the key to your success. If you don't have one yet, then let us help you construct one.

It's no co-incidence that I achieved my Karate Black Belt at 50 years of age, despite working 60 to 100 hours a week. It took a long time but persistence and perseverance and a daily focus on taking action got me there in the end. After all, a Black Belt is simply a White Belt who didn't give up...

You can have the financial success that you want…and we're here to help you every step of the way…

…but you have to become the type of person that owns that success.

So, let me ask you the all-important question.

Are you ready?

Know your business - education is key! 🏆

Robin Morton
On behalf of your DBM Coaching Team