Invitation to the Coaches Café


You may have noticed that the Coaches Café opened for business this week.

As valued members of the DBM Academy, we're thrilled to invite you to our brand-new virtual hang-out space, the "Coaches Café," where you can come together with fellow academy members, ask questions, get the support you need, and build a strong sense of community. It's your chance to connect with coaches, mentors, and fellow crypto enthusiasts who are just as eager to explore the world of digital currencies as you are.

Here's what you can expect at the Coaches Café:

  1. Ask Questions: The crypto space is constantly evolving, and questions inevitably arise. Our experienced coaches and mentors will be on hand to provide expert answers and guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of the crypto world.

  2. Get Support: Whether you're struggling with a particular concept, need assistance setting up your wallet, or want to discuss the projects, the Coaches Café is the ideal place to receive support and advice.

  3. Create Community: Connect with people who share your enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Forge new friendships, learn from others' experiences, and expand your network in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The frequency with which you can participate will depend on your subscription level:

Free members can attend once per quarter (open event tomorrow evening), Skills members can attend once per month and Systems (and above) members can attend bi-weekly. Access the link here

We had our inaugural session bright and early at 06.00 am UTC on Monday with Jacquie Harakis, and the Café opens again at 7.00pm tomorrow evening, hosted by Cliodhna and Mella.

For this 1st session, I'd invite you to bring 3 things with you:

  • One word or phrase that describes where you currently are on your education journey
  • A book recommendation the you feel might benefit other members
  • A burning question you'd like some help on. (Remember, there are no silly questions - except the one that remains in your head)

And of course, your favourite hot beverage!

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to connect, learn, and grow within the crypto community. We look forward to seeing you at the Coaches Café and supporting you on your cryptocurrency journey!

See you there! I'll put the kettle on!

Cafe pic