Get in the Game with Superone.

Join the Winning Team: Get in the Game with Superone!

Hey there, Superone squad! It's time for a pep talk like no other. Game developments are ongoing and the prelaunch/early adopter phase is ending. November 6th marks a crucial milestone when we move from bundled digital assets in lootboxes to CREDITS ONLY. (Please note, the deadline of Nov 6th is the aim of the company but there may be some delays depending on technical/programming details) 

What does this mean?

Currently, you pay for your lootbox (at whatever $ value) and get a selection of digital assets included. With the transition to CREDITS only, you will purchase your lootbox (same $ values) and get an allocation of credits which you can then exchange for individual digital assets (Cards, Spaces, Pool, Tower & Player tokens)

With the progression to CREDITS the Supertoken will be revalued from 10cents to 20cents, which means that waiting to position until after the change to credits will REDUCE YOUR PURCHASING POWER BY 50%! So you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines any longer. It's time to gear up, leave the stands, and get in the game as a Superone Affiliate.

Superone Credits

If you're not sure what it all means then get into training by investing in your education first. Get your blockchain SKILLS up to speed.

The Superone platform, isn't just about having fun. It's about winning – winning in the realm of sports and entertainment trivia, and more importantly, winning financially. If you've been a spectator up until now, it's time to change that. Here's your chance to step off the bench and onto the field as a Superone affiliate. Why not be part of the starting lineup!

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So why should you make this move right now? Let me break it down for you.

1. Revenue like a Pro:

Earn while others play and take your slice out of the $700 Billion dollar mobile gaming market. Participate in a revolutionary revenue sharing model, paid in real time via the blockchain! Don't sit on the sidelines and watch others score – be the one raking in the points.The best part is, you can still play the game and earn as an affiliate. No need to sacrifice your love for trivia or your passion for sports and entertainment – you can have it all!

2. Early Bird Advantage:

Time is of the essence! As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. Superone is on the rise, and now is the time to get positioned and let the market come to you. Superone sits in the sweet spot of Gamefi, with a marriage made in heaven between a booming market (mobile gaming), cutting edge technology (blockchain) and a fanatical football fanbase (3Billion+) eager to compete and win bragging rights. #PositionLeverageChoice

3. Real-World Prizes:

As an affiliate, you're not just promoting a game; you're part of an experience. Our trivia mobile game app offers cash and real-world prizes, taking the excitement of sports and entertainment to the next level. Be part of something big, something that resonates with the fans and EARN while they PLAY.

It's time to shake off those reservations, put on your game face, and get limbered up.

Don't wait until the game clock runs out. The opportunity is here, and the field is wide open. So why should you miss out? It's time to take action and start earning like legends!

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