Yes, Even You Can Do It.


Yes, Even You Can Do It.

Thirty years ago starting a business required a physical store front that in turn required thousands of dollars for security deposits, monthly rent and cash to invest in inventory. It’s natural to associate starting a business with large up front costs.

Those who didn’t have the costs to start a bricks and mortar business may have started a mail-order business advertising in magazines and shipping from home, or a drop shipper. It was often weeks or months of trial and error to find the right advertising to reach your customers.

In the late 1990’s the ecommerce boom hit, it was a huge disruption in how businesses operated. It was the  beginning of being able to work online.
Coupled with millions of people now surfing the internet, buying and downloading information, the landscape began to transform dramatically.

We’ve come a long way since then thanks to technology which is enabling innovative business models to launch and thrive. Now with Web 3.0 (the next generation of the internet) a whole new world of possibilities have opened up with decentralised, peer to peer working models.

As odd as it may seem, you don’t need to be all that web savvy to run a successful business online. You can partner with someone who is or you can learn the skills you need to get started.
Every day people are turning their passion, skill, life experience or hobby into a fun and productive business working online and living the laptop lifestyle.

Many people may feel inadequate or unqualified to start a business but there are people making money online from selling painted rocks…yes rocks!

Create space in your head, heart and life to create some new possibilities.
Start to ask yourself:
What’s working?
What’s not?
What do I want?
What’s next?

You may even find it difficult to answer these questions and unsure of what you want or what is next.

People can go through their whole life on auto pilot. Going through the motions, stuck in the rat race and never attempting to strive for something more.

Something incredibly liberating and life changing occurs when you accept that many of the decisions you may have made have been fear based, not on pursuing what you really want.

However if you want something more, you’ll need to do something more.

Remember you can start just putting in 5-6 hours per week to research online and get an idea of what others are doing. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing from the beginning, the path shows up along the way. Don't be under any illusions it will just be a walk in the park though - it won't. Quite simply you'll get out what you put in!

If someone would have told me I’d be working in the blockchain sector as a full time professional I would have thought they were mad. It was not on my radar at all….
However fast forward, it ticked many of the boxes I was looking for, one thing lead to another and here I am.

People who get started with DBM education are transforming their lives, exploring new collaborative models of business building, income and wealth creation.
It’s all there for the taking. You just need to say Yes and dive in.

I’ll leave this question with you...

If what you are doing now is not going to give you the life you want in 5 years, what are you prepared to do?

I wonder….

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