Skills are the best hedge against inflation.

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The following figures are based on a 40 hour week:

➡️ 30% (12 hours) of your working week goes to the ATO. Monday - Mid Tuesday = 1.5 days you're working for the Tax office.

➡️ 10% to Superannuation (4 hours) = the rest of Tuesday.

➡️ 30% (up to 64% in some cases) or 12 hours to the mortgage.
Wed-Mid Thursday you're working for the Bank. Landlord if you're renting...

At this point you've worked Monday to mid Thursday and you still haven't eaten, paid utilities, car loan, provided for your children, etc - let alone savings.

Moving on....

➡️ Mid Thurs - Friday you work to cover all your other essential needs.
Forget about having much left over for wants or dreams....

PEOPLE SPEND 112% OF THEIR INCOME! These figures reflect how we fall deeper into debt, it's right there statistically...

This demonstrates how the current system is by design - economically you can not possibly get ahead using this fiat based, debt driven model. 

A bit of a wake up call huh?!

The sad part is many people can't afford to get themselves out of the hole they're in, leading to a lack of life opportunity with little choice. This results in a lack of self worth, purpose, direction - it's complete disempowerment.

This is what the Rat Race is. It's not even treading water financially, it's actually slowly drowning in debt.

So now you can see it laid out in plain sight, what can be done about it?

There are ways to play the money game differently and take back your freedom.

The world is not going to come to you. The sooner you realise this, the more time you have to pack.

Governments and banks do not have your best interests at heart. Their business model is to keep you in economic slavery. They don't want millions of empowered, free thinkers living their best life.
Just look at what is being taught at school - expensive tertiary studies (debt) credit cards (debt) get a job and mortgage (debt)

Financial Sovereignty is a must - we need to get very intentional and targeted with a plan.

So the question isn't " Can you" it's "Will you?"

In my own life I've lost a lot of money and a lot of time to understand this. I've been to rock bottom and had to drag myself out of it.
I've spent years gathering the knowledge, implementing it, getting knocked down, getting back up, down, up...sometimes I've felt like a human trampoline....😳

So let me share what I now know to be true:

1. You must make a true decision, your line in the sand moment. You can have results or excuses - you can't have both.

2. You must shift from "effort' based income to "asset" based income. This gives you back your time. It's is how the wealthy play the game....always have!

3. You need a solid plan - STRATEGY, STRUCTURE, SYSTEMS to build into said asset based income (cash flow)
This will determine your quality of life...period!

4. You need new SKILLS so you can interact in the new world of emerging technology and utilise the many opportunities to build ASSET BASED INCOME.

We all want more! More TIME, FREEDOM, MONEY, CHOICE.

How is that going for you? Which rules of the money game are you playing by to create a life of more?

We have a whole community of fiercely independent free thinkers and action takers, committed to finding ways to thrive.
We have tools for change - Skills, Strategy, Structure and Systems in place. It's what we use to create cash flow and reclaim our financial autonomy.

All you have to do is lean in and learn from those carving out the path before you.

Keep Soaring and Stay Free.


Omg that is so true. Shocking numbers, However great that I am building to get out of that Rat race.

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Jacquie Harakis


We really do need to look into creating a better situation for ourselves if we truly desire to achieve true freedom.

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