10 Success Tips This Thursday

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Hey folks, it's Robin Morton here, founder coach with DBM Academy.

I wanted to share 10 things with you that I've been thinking about when it comes to success in business.
Many of these came to me after reviewing one of my courses within our Academy, the Blockchain Book Club course, where I've been reading all the top business, finance and self-developments books all over again.
That was a big hint... 'leaders are readers' after all.
My 10 Top Success Tips 

Hopefully, a few of them resonate with you.

1. The most successful people keep improving while the average usually remain average.
This, in my opinion, is largely because successful people enjoy improvement.
They like learning.
They like setting new goals and hitting them.
They see success as a process...a journey.
They don't buy into the 'I'll be happy or successful when...' mentality.

2. Successful people focus on not only their own strengths, but also on those strengths of those around them.
It's not that they ignore weaknesses - but they don't try to 'fix' those as much as they build on the strengths.
They focus on solutions rather than problems.

3. Along the same lines - successful people seem to be able to separate important relationships, opportunities and actions from non-important ones.

4. Successful people understand that 'working hard' has a ceiling and before too long, you'll have to shift to 'working smarter.' Blockchain technology allows us to do this with ease.

5. Who you surround yourself with matters...a lot.

6. No successful person goes it alone. Success is a 'team sport.' Think of a pride of lions. That's what we do inside our Academy.

7. Successful people understand the concept of 'value exchange' and that they only obtain the value (income, opportunity, etc.) they want by first delivering value to those they serve.
Become a servant leader and you'll never have to worry about income.

8. Successful people are strong believers in taking 'personal responsibility.'
They stopped feeling entitled or victimised.
They take ownership of their outcomes.

9. Successful people focus on production and results...not hours worked, length of time on the job.
They have more of an employer mindset rather than employee.
Quality not quantity.

10. The truly successful people define what success means to them rather than adopting someone else's definition.

Did any of these strike a chord with you? If so, let us know.

Robin Morton
DBM Academy Founder Coach