Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Terminology Essentials

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Language is a fundamental pillar of human communication, and wherever a community is gathered, there will be a language that helps participants express themselves.

The blockchain and cryptoassets space/community is no different.

Hence the existence of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Terminology Essentials - a series of workshops which explore the meaning of terms used in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

If you’ve ever wondered what the words blockchain or cryptocurrency actually mean; what bitcoin actually is, and how it differs from Bitcoin (with a capital B); what NFTs are; or what people mean when they speak about wallet addresses or seed phrases, then Jacquie’s workshop will help you decipher and understand the terms used within this dynamic space.

Each workshop series goes through a different set of terminologies, with a workbook to help you take notes that you can refer back to.

So, here is Series 1. Enjoy.